canvas prints (06.10.13, 11:15 AM): your artwork is stunning.

Doug Knisely (12.29.10, 10:40 AM): I agree with everybody... This image shows so much emotional maturity and reflects an amazing eye for detail and craftsmanship. Bravo!!

Chanda (12.28.10, 6:50 PM): WOW!!!...Congratulations...I voted for this picture and I am so happy that she won...she has an amazing eye at such a young age...I hope that I can be like her someday...:)

Felicia S. (12.23.10, 3:44 AM): To Mr. John Scott: I used the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. And EXIF: Exposure Time: 1/200, F Number: 3.50, Focal Length: 68.00, Shutter Speed: 1/125.00, ISO 125. Also thank you, Thomas and Shannon, I'll do the best of my best!

Thomas Zakowski (12.23.10, 12:57 AM): Felicia, it was my pick for sure. Number one hon and keep up the play, thats my philosophy too :)

Shannon Morgan (12.22.10, 6:39 PM): Fely!!!! This image in incredible and learning more about you just makes it all that more incredible!!! You have a huge fan in me! Congratulations a MILLION times!! Can't wait to see what you do with your new 7D!! ENJOY!

Felicia S. (12.22.10, 6:10 PM): I come back on this site every day, about 20 times a day, like I used to before the contest ended. It still feels incredible... And by reading all your comments, I feel as supported and loved as never before. Thank you deeply. And I congratulate all the other finalists; not only are you great photographers but also wonderful humans. Happy holidays I'm wishing you all. :)

Boz (12.22.10, 8:35 AM): Congratulations Fely! Huge things ahead for you!!!

Alex Rubio (12.22.10, 3:29 AM): Fely, absolutely beautiful work, you are so inspirational, it makes one feel like running out to "play"! Keep up the great work, you have something really special going on...! LOVE your site by the way... CONGRATULATIONS!

Kathy (12.21.10, 10:19 PM): Congratulations,Fely on a much deserved win!!! What a wonderful story and how great to know that someone who really needed the D7 camera won it! Now stay in touch with us on this forum and let us see what you create with it!!!!! :)

Frank (12.21.10, 4:44 PM): Using models, collaborating with them for months. Having a website. You may be young, but you are professional. No two ways about it. Awesome image. Keep it up!

John Scott (12.21.10, 3:56 PM): Looks like creativity won in the end. Congratulations! I'm sure you are now an inspiration to many photographers, young and old. At the risk of sounding like a total technogeek, I'd be interested in the lens used and the other pertinent metadata, if it is available. That would be one more chance to learn something from this contest. Thanks so much Michael!

Matt (12.21.10, 2:25 PM): my vote was for the ocean wave with the rainbow; however, this image is incredible and I really think it's awesome / incredible that it was done by a 16 y/o with a T1i - wow! Awesome job Felicia

Suman Debnath (12.21.10, 2:04 PM): Fely Simion truely deserves this award, look at her website.....WoW !!!!! amazing.........

Suman Debnath (12.21.10, 1:51 PM): Congratulations ..........!!!!!! Great Achievement..............!!!!!!!

Shaadi Faris (12.21.10, 11:55 AM): Congratulations Felicia! Great job, you deserve it!

aurel (12.21.10, 10:55 AM): Congrats, Fely! I am very proud to know the grand winner!

Adam Pendleton (12.21.10, 10:10 AM): The website is fantastic! Nice work Fely!

chos2k (12.21.10, 9:09 AM): Congrats! well deserved

Ashley (12.21.10, 8:16 AM): She writes as such a mature lady. This is truly an old soul. This image is beyond stunning. I cannot stop looking at it. Congrats lady!

Felicia S. (12.21.10, 5:57 AM): I will never ever forget this morning (yes, it is almost 1 pm, but it feels like the sun has glimpsed today as bright as never before). So I thank you for letting me know what it is like to have a rainbow after a tornado. I thank you for everything, everybody, for making me be one step closer to achieving a dream of a lifetime.

Laura (12.21.10, 4:52 AM): I checked out her website... Great Job! Definitely worth looking at! Congrats!

Ray Lawless (12.21.10, 4:51 AM): Felicia, I am totally impressed by your vision. As bummed as I was to be knocked out early on I am equally blown away by your captures. So ENJOY your new 7D I am sure that your status as a "mad amateur" will grow beyond your wildest dreams. CONGRATULATIONS~!! ;-)

Garrett Byrum (12.21.10, 4:50 AM): yewwwww! congrats fely! amazing picture, you definitely deserved it!