Lin and Jirsa Photographer (12.16.10, 4:19 PM): The old man is my favorite image! so dramatic and love the tones!

Boz (12.16.10, 8:11 AM): Is the Jumping Wildbeast shot by Wayne Lynch? There is an entire spread on that in the recent edition of Photo News (Canadian Photography Magazine) Looks like he does quite the travelling :D

Tasha Ramstad (12.14.10, 7:31 PM): Wow, all very good finalists. Definitely were my picks for each division. I was so honoured to have made the top 7 in the portrait division...but my choice for winner in that division was definitely the Old is just so intense. Great contest Michael, and so many talented artists out there!!

Elizabeth (12.14.10, 6:16 PM): I think the old man is the best picture. The contrast and look in his face is really astounding. I hope this one wins!!

a (12.14.10, 6:21 AM): vote for overly is the best of all, in my opinion!

Tammy (12.13.10, 9:50 PM): Incredibly talented photographers. The old man really got my attention.

Nate (12.13.10, 9:10 PM): Love the Old Man! The detail in that shot, lines and shades are superb!

Undfind Photographer (12.13.10, 5:38 PM): Wow...all these images are so impressive!

Christopher (12.13.10, 5:01 PM): Wow these are all amazing! My favorite is "Old Man" by far. He looks deep in thought.

Diane (12.13.10, 1:18 PM): Congrats to all the winners! Everyone did such a great job!

Alex Rubio (12.13.10, 12:35 PM): Fantastic job everyone, incredible talent, it was super hard to vote this last time...

Shannon Morgan (12.13.10, 12:23 PM): Congrats to ALL the winners! It was almost impossible to pick an overall winner!!!

Suman Debnath (12.13.10, 12:22 PM): Mountain Train :)

Iwander (12.13.10, 9:17 AM): Congrats to all of the category winners! And good luck on the Grand Prize. There is a lot of talent here. ~Andy