Jim853 (12.13.10, 1:16 PM): I will put this on my list of shows to watch. I stopped using CC 8 years ago and it is the best thing I have done. If I cannot afford to pay cash then I do not need it that bad. My savings has grown, my spending is more thoughtful and I think the worst impulse buy I do is a treat while waiting in the check out line.

sbc (12.12.10, 1:39 PM): Oh my,oh my are you saying these -- are dealing under the table? Many places will not take cash now and if you want to pay right away they try to talk you out of it. Where is Dr. Kavorkian when I need him?

mbonin83 (12.11.10, 2:45 PM): I'm 27, never had a credit card and never will - i pay everything with cash - i built up my credit score to 762 with purchasing a car and a few other miscellaneous things but never used a credit card and never will!!!!

Boz (12.11.10, 11:02 AM): Very good points ! I use my credit card mainly for online purchases, and am always amazed to see the conditions people get into as a result of borrowing with plastic. I keep my credit limit low, and ALWAYS SAY NO when they tell you that you have been such a good customer - we would like to raise your credit limit. If you can't make $500 or $1000 in payments to your card in one month, than for sure keep your limit below that.

Dan (12.11.10, 9:27 AM): I just watched this last night on NF too - the presentation is sobering. My wife and I decided to stop using our credit cards a little while back - the documentary totally reinforced our decision. What struck me the most was the Havard prof's comment about the fear of society becoming a two-tier one: the affluent and the debt-ridden.