Michael Andrew (12.10.10, 5:32 AM): @Robin- I do not believe you have an inkling of the time and expense involved to run a contest like this. If you can do a better job, with better prizes, I would sure love to see it.

Robin (12.10.10, 4:40 AM): boy you sure are milking this whole contest thing..

Sarah (12.09.10, 4:14 PM): Colorful Forest for grand prize. This man takes amazing shots this does not even do his talents justice. Grand prize winner all the way.

jeanne (12.08.10, 9:41 PM): WOW !

ofelia directo rayo (12.08.10, 1:54 AM): i love the forest it is very magical.......<3

Aegir (12.08.10, 1:43 AM): Like them all, but love nature, so colorful forest for me.

Betty (12.07.10, 6:05 PM): Wow, all are nice picture, but I love the colors in the trees.

Suman Debnath (12.07.10, 5:30 AM): Good to see "colorful forest" and "Woman Waiting for Subway" both got selected......I voted for these two before.......... But here I'd like to prefer "Woman Waiting for Subway" for the grand award........... [:-)..........I told before too, I felt it is a rare shot...... Congrats All...........Cheeeerssss Winners !!!!

Michael Andrew (12.07.10, 2:56 AM): Hit Refresh! :)

Brenton M (12.07.10, 2:48 AM): Is something missing?