Laura Gadbois (12.06.10, 6:28 AM): Good Luck Cherry, I voted for Flying Motorcyle! I grew up watching many of my kids doing all that crazy riding so it brings back memories!!

Cherry Long (12.03.10, 11:11 PM): I was so excited to wake up this morning and see I made the finalists! Thank you so much for holding this competition Michael! This is the first competition I have ever entered and never dreamed I would make it this far against all this amazing talent.

JB (12.03.10, 10:13 PM): Funny how people see different things in photos. I want a pic to win that is hard to get, takes alot of creative thought, etc... Standing there and shooting up is simple, taking a picture in a stadium-how hard is that? I want a pic to win that is near impossible for someone else to get or reproduce. But, that's why we vote! Good luck to everyone!

Suman Debnath (12.03.10, 12:50 PM): same - Flying Motor Cycle, but others are also nice.........I liked the Wave Surfer too.............

Eunice Kilgore (12.03.10, 12:25 PM): I voted for the Flying Motor Cycle . It's hard to believe someone could get that high . Love it .

Boz (12.03.10, 9:25 AM): Wow - These are hard to decide on! Incredible Shots!