Kerry (11.29.10, 4:17 PM): @Adrian, I agree, I absolutely love the picture! I just want to know what cell phone has a camera that is capable of taking such a shot so I can go out and maybe get one of my own ;)

Adrian (11.29.10, 1:12 PM): @Kerry, my thoughts exactly. fantastic shot though.

Kerry (11.29.10, 10:54 AM): Not to doubt the photographer of the hummingbird picture in any way but is there a cell phone that has a fast enough shutter speed to catch a non-blurred image of a hummingbird's wings while it is flying?

Suman Debnath (11.29.10, 9:55 AM): Michael, one question, it is regarding main SLR division. You mentioned that you'll add 4th, 5th winner positions if there are over 1000 submissions ..... and this year you got nearly 2k I guess :-) did you have a thought regarding that ??

Jason (11.29.10, 8:18 AM): NOOOOOO... mine didnt make it! ha

Mark Nuttall (11.29.10, 6:07 AM): These all look great! Sorry to sound so cynical, but what's to stop anyone from refreshing their browser and voting multiple times though - or can you see IP addresses for the votes? Great comp Michael, am enjoying getting to see so many different takes on each theme :)