Sarah (12.04.10, 5:18 PM): If you think Colorful Forest was great you should see this mans other work.

Tom Cox (12.04.10, 2:52 PM): I want to go to that forest!

AC (12.04.10, 1:37 PM): I love the Colorful Forest, reminds me of home.

Debbie (12.01.10, 1:57 PM): Love the colors in the forest.

Aegir (11.28.10, 5:29 PM): I like the more colorful pictures, so the Colorful Forest did it for me.

Gary Funk (11.28.10, 5:20 PM): I like the dock but wonder why it is upside down.

mommawaagie (11.28.10, 11:35 AM): I hear you Jason, torn between the Tree and the floating dock. The colors in the floating dock won out with me.

Jason (11.28.10, 9:30 AM): I was torn between 2. Soccer, and tree. Tree got my vote. Very stunning.