Suman Debnath (11.28.10, 4:12 PM): There is really a rare shot, and thats clearly visible to all :-).. good luck everyone......I hope the best shot got my vote........

Rob (11.27.10, 9:04 PM): Good luck everyone! Thank you Michael for giving everyone the opportunity to enter!

Gary Funk (11.27.10, 8:09 PM): @Michael: If your blog were written in CFML, I could write the code to randomize the images in 15 minutes. If it's PHP it will take me a couple of hours.

Michael Andrew (11.27.10, 7:59 PM): @ Jose - The Poll feature randomizes the answers. This is done to make sure each entry does not have an advatage of appearing first on the list. If I could randomize the images, I would do that as well.

Diane (11.27.10, 7:03 PM): Great shots everyone! Good luck!

Dina (11.27.10, 6:15 PM): this one was easy for me also!!! Good luck guys!!!

mommawaagie (11.27.10, 1:09 PM): And now the fun begins..for me this was an easy one :) Good luck everyone.

Jose (11.27.10, 10:00 AM): Michael, The order is wrong between photos and pool.