Shannon Wimberly (11.22.10, 10:36 PM): Thank you Michael for posting this, and for the kudos, it means so much to me. I might also add that I just got back into photography this past summer in July after purchasing a Canon 7D, and 95% of what I have learned has come from MAs 7D Crash Course and Advanced Photography Techniques DVDs. I have literally stopped watching TV, and spend most of my free time either shooting or learning more about photography...

Derrick (11.22.10, 7:22 PM): I will add that I purchased this DVD a while ago and this past weekend I needed to change two custom functions(#6&#12) on the flash. I did a quick search in Google for the 580 EX II PDF and then I realized Michael DVD explains each function in layman's terms. Played his DVD and in 5 minutes I made the change to two flashes and I felt 100% satisfied that I made the exact change that was needed. Thanks Michael!

Boz (11.22.10, 7:11 PM): Ditto John! If you've ever felt that your flash just isn't able to do everything you want it to, could be you just don't know enough about your flash to know what all it has to offer:D The MA Video will teach you everything you need to know!

christine (11.22.10, 3:42 PM): Very well put John Scott! That about sums it all up right there. I just took a series of 'off camera' flash classes and they just re-enforced what was already in the video. So I could have saved myself a couple bucks and re-watched the vide.

John Scott (11.22.10, 1:05 PM): To use a Speedlite to its full potential one has to understand and digest a certain amount of theory. It's not rocket science, but it's certainly not intuitive either. I found Michael's Speedlite course incredibly helpful in explaining all the in's and out's of this powerful tool. It saved me a lot of time and aggravation and taught me things I frankly would have ever figured out on my own. In my case the course was time and money very well invested and I would highly recommend it!

Alexandra (11.22.10, 9:19 AM): I love sunset shots. This is a great image, good job. Last semester I did my final for my portrait one class on lighting sunset portraits and refered to Michaels dvd on more than one occasion! Thanks Michael!!

Punman (11.22.10, 7:02 AM): Great image. Really looking forward to getting the DVDs myself now. Can't wait for them to arrive. :)