Jose (11.24.10, 9:19 AM): For the next year contest. I think that is necessary don't allow photos that was winner in other contest. (basic rule in other international contest) Example:

Michael Andrew (11.21.10, 11:17 PM): Yes- I have narrowed the "Semi-Finalists" down to 10 per category and the judges will narrow it down further to the "Finalists" for each category, which will be voted on for their placement. These are the finalists who will win something. Many people who entered want to see who made it into the semi-finals before the judges made the final picks, and I offered to make these available.

Jimbo (11.21.10, 10:38 PM): Kinda confused... Currently you've selected the semi finalists and the judges will be narrowing the 10 per category down to 3 ?? per category? Then after they are done voting you will post who made the semi finals? Then after you post those, you will post the finalists. I assume that's the order it will go...

Garrett (11.21.10, 4:59 PM): Now it is coming down to it :-)

mbonin83 (11.21.10, 2:08 PM): Michael, would it be possible for you to pick 1 photo from each category that didn't quite make it, create a new new category on the forum and discuss some of the reason they didn't make it? Reason being so that we can learn! thanks

Punman (11.21.10, 6:12 AM): Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see who made it through. I doubt that I have, but I can live in hope :D Thanks for running a great contest that brought out some amazing photos.