Boz (11.20.10, 11:18 PM): Love the perspective with the chicken one!

Alex Rubio (11.18.10, 11:08 PM): @Jeffrey, I see what you're saying, that would be great...

Jeffrey (11.18.10, 12:16 PM): @ Alex But in his post "Wedding Photography Cartoon" he writes: "I have narrowed down all of the categories to 10 images ....." All I'm saying is I hope the readers get to see those images too even though we can't vote on them.

Alex Rubio (11.18.10, 11:19 AM): @Jeffrey - If I understand it correctly the way it will work is that the nominees that Michael picked, the ones on the slideshows, will go to the judges. The judges will then pick the 10 best. Then those 10 will be posted by Michael on the blog for the readers to vote the winner.

Jeffrey (11.18.10, 9:40 AM): Michael, can you clarify something? You said you are setting up a page for the judges to vote now that you have your top 10 in each category and that we will have finalists soon. Will we (not the judges) also get to at least see who made the top 10 even though we aren't voting? I know myself as well as everyone else who submitted work would at least like to know if they've made the final 10 !! Thanks!

mbonin83 (11.18.10, 7:25 AM): that horse shot is incredible