Jas Sumal (11.20.10, 3:53 PM): Thanks Michael. This looks great!! Just ordered mine.

K Justice (11.20.10, 9:00 AM): As soon as I can, I WILL be ordering! As always, it looks/sounds kick booty.

Omar (11.17.10, 7:28 PM): AWESOME!!! Michael, where would you like us to send our mailing address??

chaos2k (11.17.10, 6:29 PM): I just ordered woohoo. I can't wait, all your other DVD's rock. This comes at the perfect time. Thanks M

mbonin83 (11.17.10, 6:15 PM): mine is pre-ordered also, looking forward to it. I appreciate such a generous offer Michael. $200 is incredibly cheap for what you are giving us!

April (11.17.10, 5:41 PM): I am really so thrilled, and I can not wait to get my copy in the mail!

Tommy R (11.17.10, 5:40 PM): SWEET!! I have been waiting so long for this! Ordering now!

April (11.17.10, 5:39 PM): And I thought I was fast! :)

Jodie Joyner (11.17.10, 5:29 PM): Just ordered mine, and am so excited for this one!