Fireguy2009 (11.15.10, 1:22 PM): Wow, I made it in...These are outstanding!

Caroline (11.14.10, 4:00 PM): My mouth was wide open the whole time I looked at these! AMAZING!

Punman (11.14.10, 1:25 AM): @MA, How many photos were entered for this division?

Kerry (11.13.10, 3:36 PM): Haha, if William Lee is in this contest then we are all doomed XP

christine (11.12.10, 10:52 PM): Holy smokey. There is NO way there is a winner. Breath taking!

JB (11.12.10, 10:22 PM): it doesn't even resemble a photo. no shadows, no lighting variation, major editing i michael said this isn't a photoshop contest.

MIchael Andrew (11.12.10, 9:57 PM): @Kerry, we have verified this- indeed William Lee submitted these. Thank you.

Tasha (11.12.10, 9:48 PM): Amazing, amazing photography....

Kerry (11.12.10, 9:37 PM): Unless the photographer is William Lee, photo #127 was also a finalist in a National Geographic photography contest XP

Tia (11.12.10, 3:51 PM): Wow, these are all so amazing. I'd love to know where #158 & #226 were taken. And my photo made it! #235, taken in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming just a few weeks ago. :)

Steven R. Hazlett (11.12.10, 3:37 PM): I loved the shot of the windmill.. All of the photos were spectactual

Punman (11.12.10, 3:07 PM): Wow. When I started at the begining, I didn't expect mine would be in there. So much awesome work in here. But I made it, and that has made my day. :) But I definately agree, splitting this division would be a very good idea. Thank you Michael for giving us this competition. Such a wonderful showcase.

shannon Wimberly (11.12.10, 1:33 PM): If this was a book, I would open it over and over again..... very amazing......

Stapler (11.12.10, 11:35 AM): These are all so insanely gorgeous! WOW!

Alex Rubio (11.12.10, 10:13 AM): Michael, #177 is the same as #149 in the Abstract category, was that intentional?

Alex Rubio (11.12.10, 10:12 AM): Really fantastic shots, going to be really hard to pick through these, congrats all...

chaos2k (11.12.10, 9:58 AM): WOW this is going to be crazy for the judges. I hope some people join the forum Awesome shots everyone.

grmatt (11.12.10, 9:54 AM): Good luck with these! Too many, to good, to judge?

Lacy (11.12.10, 9:36 AM): I made the cut! whoo hoo!...all these shots are just breathtaking!!!!...Lots of talent in this contest obviously:)

Toby Roybal (11.12.10, 9:36 AM): Again some awesome photos! I really like the turnout here and hope some of these photographers if not all will join Michael's Forum!

Holly (11.12.10, 7:10 AM): Wow! The judges have their work cut out for them! These images are stunning! I'm honored just to be considered among them:)

matt (11.12.10, 7:06 AM): the windmill with the flowers is the clear winner here

Suman Debnath (11.12.10, 6:12 AM): Im just thinking how can someone choose best - where all are the best................. :)

Garrett (11.12.10, 4:37 AM): Geez! I made another category #91 the freeway through the chain link shot! This is awesome, I am sooooo excited. I also really enjoyed looking through these tonight too :-)

cha (11.12.10, 4:34 AM): WOW! stunning photos :)