tador (11.20.10, 12:01 AM): yo nice pic,s

Eleanor (11.14.10, 1:43 AM): yes! I made it :D mine is the two snails , I didn't think I had a chance

Kerry (11.12.10, 9:35 PM): Unless the photographer was William Lee, picture #3 in the macro contest is featured in December's edition of Outdoor Photography magazine...I just looked at it XD

Danielle Bailey (11.12.10, 5:52 PM): Wow. i can't believe i actually made it in! Mines #95, but i don't think i stand a chance against any of these! Truely some amazing photos (:

Alexzander Carnel (11.11.10, 8:36 PM): hmmmmmm. #85 was not really a macro shot. the one i entered was similar, but a whole lot closer. sad :(

Suman Debnath (11.11.10, 7:15 AM): I’m not criticizing, but I felt that few snaps were just cropped image rather than a true macro……….

Laura (11.10.10, 11:06 PM): I cant believe I made the cut! And among such beautiful work. Good Luck everyone is a winner, these are great photos!

Kyle (11.10.10, 3:19 PM): WOW. We have some people here that have SKILLS!

Shannon Wimberly (11.10.10, 9:57 AM): Latest entries are AMAZING!!!! Jonesing to get out and shoot some more MACRO STUFF!!!!!!!

Florie Mccullough (11.10.10, 9:50 AM): the photos are great .it will be hard to choose a winner.

Kathy (11.10.10, 8:14 AM): Wow! I am blown away by the talent here!!! I can't imagine the difficulty with picking the winners! These are breath-taking!!!!

Cherry (11.10.10, 1:14 AM): So excited to be a nominee. I am also one that entered by snail mail. This is the first photo contest I have ever entered so I am very honored just to be nominated with all this talent.

Garrett (11.09.10, 8:45 PM): Wish the slide shows came in HTML5 ;-) My Kindle does not display these )-:

Juan Tallone (11.09.10, 8:23 PM): thanks for the nomitaion! mine is #72, the green-yellow leaf structure :) cant wait to see the other categories!

Ray Lawless (11.09.10, 8:20 PM): Totally stoked my image was nominated, humbled by some of the AWSOMENESS in this category!! THX!

Steven R. Hazlett (11.09.10, 7:59 PM): Those are INCREDIBLE!

Christine (11.09.10, 5:53 PM): My eyes have come back to life. Brilliant and beautiful.

Punman (11.09.10, 5:22 PM): Awesome. I got in as well. :) It's going to be tough though. There really is some amazing work in here. First time I have been shortlisted, even if the list is long :P

Molly McCord (11.09.10, 5:07 PM): Yay! I made it! :) All of the photos are amazing... I love the itty bitty grey frog!

Jim853 (11.09.10, 4:18 PM): Absolutely Amazing! The talent displayed here is awesome. Cannot wait for the next batch. Great Job All! Thank you Michael for sharing!

Lauri (11.09.10, 1:22 PM): All the photos are amazing! Good Luck everyone!!

Suman Debnath (11.09.10, 1:19 PM): Amazing pics, mine too selected, the eye of DragonFly............. :-)

Dave Runyan (11.09.10, 11:55 AM): Wow! I made the cut. I am one of the snail mail entrees. I emailed my digital copy to Michael this morning. All of the nominated photos are great. I like shooting the small world. I have never entered a photo contest before. It is a big deal just to be nominated. :-)

Shannon Morgan (11.09.10, 11:29 AM): Simply incredible!! So very impressed, I have no idea how they are going to narrow it down :)! Good luck everyone!

Diane (11.09.10, 11:11 AM): Really great shots! Good luck to everyone!

Josh (11.09.10, 11:06 AM): Great shots, who will narrow down the 120 to 10 or so, etc... Are the pro judges up next? Why I ask is because in the post you said YOU could only narrow it down to about 120 for Macro. So this leads me to believe your piece is done and now it moves to judges/online voting maybe... I originally thought you were going to narrow it down to 10 or so a category and then turn it over to the judges/online voting, maybe you didn't expect so many great images! Just curious how the remainder get narrowed. Great job Michael !

Linda Waagmeester (11.09.10, 9:48 AM): Wow, some AMAZING shots!!!

chaos2k (11.09.10, 7:35 AM): Some really incredible shots

Shannon Wimberly (11.09.10, 7:21 AM): WOW! I made the cut!...and wow! .there are allot of incredible images here.. really inspiring stuff.. really opening my eyes to the beauty of macro photography... have to start doing more...

Michael Andrew (11.09.10, 4:35 AM): PS- There are a few more coming on Macro, we only had about 20 people enter by mail. I will be honest, I LOVE to hold the prints in my hands much more than digital submissions. I have contacted most of the snail mail submissions and am asking for them to send in digital copies if they are nominated. I hate judging these because nearly all of them are very, very good and the differences are so minor. If you were not selected, please do not give up and keep on plugging away!

Namrata (11.09.10, 4:22 AM): wow.. mine got nominated .. got two more in cell phone division..:D thanks for the nomination! Competition will be tough because there are amazing entries in there!

Jason (11.09.10, 1:51 AM): I have never shot macro before. I might start! Some of those photos are freakin creepy! The one of the Bee holding the fly by the neck, WINNER!

Jason (11.09.10, 1:18 AM): Are you saying that people were taking photos with DSLR's and then snapping a shot with their cell phones? I was a little curious to how some of those images were ridiculously good!

Mike Cruz (11.09.10, 12:47 AM): Amazing pics.... this is better than going to flickr explore page :)

Shelli Sherwood (11.09.10, 12:42 AM): Amazing and fabulous photos, thanks for posting.

Alex Rubio (11.09.10, 12:38 AM): Truly impressive images!

Toby Roybal (11.09.10, 12:24 AM): Wow Amazing Photos! I feel for the judges to have to choose!