Michael Andrew (11.08.10, 3:54 PM): Thank you everyone- @ Glen- it was overheating. Hasn't given me any problems since.

Steven R. Hazlett (11.08.10, 11:37 AM): I've never been there - and would've never imagined it to look that way.. Stunning

Alex Rubio (11.08.10, 9:48 AM): Very nice shots M, awesome... Killer, you are about to finish your 365, or is it a 730?, hahaha, just teasing...

Glen (11.08.10, 9:46 AM): nice photographs Michael, hey I never did hear what happened to your 5DM2? it was giving you problems a while ago did you get it repaired?

chaos2k (11.08.10, 8:11 AM): beautiful view

Bill (11.08.10, 8:08 AM): that last shot is awesome