jenn (11.11.10, 11:21 PM): some very sweet photos can't wait to see the others

JB (11.08.10, 9:19 PM): 2 hours and 45 minutes left on the east coast.... :) waiting patiently

jennifer Dundus (11.08.10, 10:37 AM): Thank for the update can't wait to see who made it.

Sarah Evans (11.07.10, 11:39 AM): Woo! Can't wait to see if mine makes the nominee's. (: Thanks for the update!

Alex Rubio (11.06.10, 11:33 PM): Thanks Michael, you are now starting to see the fruits of your students and friends come alive...

Suman Debnath (11.06.10, 5:56 PM): Thanks for the update Michael ... its a difficult time for you to choose among those thousands of pictures.... :-)

Garrett (11.06.10, 5:18 PM): Looking forward to start seeing some entry photos :-) Hoping for my own :-)

Glen (11.06.10, 5:05 PM): thanks for the update Michael!