Barbara Taylor (11.04.10, 10:48 PM): I'm the grandma, Michael, from Provo. Barbara and Chuck came to live here because of us. Aloha, love the fish.

Nani (11.04.10, 12:45 AM): I'm glad you had a great time fishing with my dad....he is awesome! Nice pictures and good job!

Alex Rubio (11.03.10, 4:23 PM): Super nice catch Michael and awesome photos too...

Kjersti (11.03.10, 1:33 PM): When I lived in Kauai, my friends use to take me out on their sailboat. They fished off it, even though it was not ideal for fishing. The day we brought in two big Mahi Mahi was a day I will never forget. They put up a big fight, but that was the best Mahi I had ever tasted once we cooked it for dinner. Great catch Michael!

Tom (11.03.10, 10:49 AM): Hey Michael, You give us all great photography tips, here's a fishing tip for you when taking pictures. Always hold your fish as far away from your body as possible when taking pictures. It makes the fish look bigger :) Nice mahi's btw!

Glen (11.03.10, 9:31 AM): ahhh chumming the waters! Giving the fish something for nothing..a freebe sort of speak, lets you learn the techique and not having to use your time to hunt for your fish..lets your fish come to strings attached (well in this case a line!) Free sunday shoots anyone? Don't get me wrong I am in this for the love of photography just making a connection that's all.

Leah Stacey (11.03.10, 8:02 AM): Josh would be way jealous! He loves fishing and is taking a deep sea fishing trip this summer with friends.