Kerry (10.28.10, 2:26 PM): The one of the hummingbird is a for sure least in my opinion XD Some of the best photos I've ever seen from a cell phone!!

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography (10.28.10, 12:56 PM): Just amazed at some of the shots coming from an iphone! Great creativity too :D Looks like the itouch 4th generation has a camera...I'm really starting to think I should be wishing aloud for one for Christmas :D BTW Your Contest is quickly going to be the Best One Out There - Great Job!

JB (10.28.10, 12:53 PM): Who cares, get over it! It's his competition. Obviously I might see a pet as my portrait and you see it as your wildcard. Everyone quit complaining and second guessing everything. "How come you did it this way? How come you did it that way. Why do you love pets?" Cmon people. Don't you want him to keep having these contests? Just pick your favorite and say Thanks Michael ! Anyway, can't wait to see the main category photos!

Jeff (10.28.10, 12:18 PM): Assuming you are the one who selected these images, you've got quite the affinity for cats and dogs. Hopefully the professional judges you've selected will rule out random pictures of pets. By the way, why did cats and dogs get selected for portrait and wild card? Interesting method for categorizing... A couple of the still life photos are nice

Tina (10.28.10, 10:15 AM): It's all in the way you look at thinking, isn't it?. Wow, this really opened my eyes to "open my eyes" to what is around me. Very beautiful shots

Iwander (10.28.10, 8:10 AM): Woo hoo! I made the cut in both Wild Card and Landscape. After seeing all of the competition though, I probably wouldn't pick mine. HA! Great shots everyone!

Jason (10.28.10, 6:38 AM): Sweet, one of mine made it. It is gonna be tough to judge though!