Matty (11.02.10, 5:47 PM): Woohoo, one of mine made it! (: That makes me happy. Now hopefully one of my SLR pictures can make it through... xD Gratz to everyone who made it, and good luck! <:

Alex Rubio (10.27.10, 8:17 PM): I love the pumkin patch with the apple logo, can't deny it was taken with an iPhone, hehe, nice job all, fantastic shots, gonna be a hard one...

Chris (10.27.10, 7:22 PM): I certainly think there are some wonderful shots in this group. I will say however that the category "landscape" is quite loosely interpreted. Cityscapes, 2 men and a cross, a baseball game, a soccer field (or something similar), a car on the street, the side of a building. Adams, Weston, and Porter are the greatest of the 20th century landscape photographers and none of them would have shot half the photos found in this division because they were landscape photographers. This is mostly to michael, I think this is a great contest and I'm very glad you have sponsored it, gathered the prizes and brought attention to the wonderful world of photography but I think it would serve the contest well in the future to be specific about what constitutes a landscape photo. (For those of you curious I did enter, I did not get chosen.) I want to reiterate these are some great photos with a phone and congrats to who ever wins. It is well deserved. Thanks for putting this contest on.

Lainey (10.27.10, 6:37 PM): Excellent pictures...will have to start experimenting with my cell...who knew it could produce such incredible shots..Kudos to the photographers!

Punman (10.27.10, 4:37 PM): Wow. Ok, so after looking through them, I'm not surprised mine didn't make it in. I have lot of work to do :)

Shannon Morgan (10.27.10, 4:35 PM): wow, if you guys can do that with a cell phone camera, i can only imagine what you can do with an SLR! Simply incredible!

Somenath Mukhopadhyay (10.27.10, 4:20 PM): The spider web in B/W is a magical shot. An incredible cell phone shot. I'm lovin' it.

Siemady (10.27.10, 3:39 PM): They are all wonderful pictures, amazing what a cell phone camera can do.

C (10.27.10, 1:24 PM): I'd really love to know what kind of phone some of these photos were taken with. The image quality is so much better / crisper than what i can get with my phone! Great images all aroud!

Molly (10.27.10, 11:00 AM): Ok so know I know that I can go 'outside of the box' on landscape! Awesome pictures and I agree that i need to get a better cell phone! I guess my 3.2 mega pixels isn't as good as I thought!

Tom (10.27.10, 9:00 AM): Unbelievably great pics. Guess I need to get a better phone! Nice job.

Stephen N. (10.27.10, 8:32 AM): Unbelievable. I really can't believe some of these pictures. wow.

JaY (10.27.10, 8:01 AM): What are you tryin to say, Dina?

Dina (10.27.10, 6:59 AM): Wow, can't believe some of these were taken with a cell phone!!!!

Jason (10.27.10, 5:12 AM): None of mine made it, but I can see why!

Zayed Hassan (10.27.10, 5:06 AM): Totally agree with Mike!! My Gosh! How strong the colors were!! My my!! Stunning photos!

Mike Cruz (10.27.10, 4:53 AM): Good luck to the judges, they'll have a tough time with these... really impressive set :D