aj (11.07.10, 11:05 PM): the 36 black and white male cell phone portraits is just incredible shot love it.

Caroline (11.03.10, 10:03 PM): LOVE the owl winking and the subway shot!

Alex Rubio (10.27.10, 8:07 PM): Great shots everyone, good luck...!

Billie (10.27.10, 3:43 PM): WOW!!!!!

Shannon (10.26.10, 3:49 PM): wow....

Stapler (10.26.10, 1:31 PM): That subway shot was amazing! My favorite of the bunch!

Audrey Coley Photography (10.26.10, 1:23 PM): Amazing!!!!

Shannon Morgan (10.26.10, 12:42 PM): Kerry I was going to say the same thing, just incredible!! Great way to start out the this contest!! I don't know how they are going to narrow it down :)!

Kerry (10.26.10, 11:26 AM): Some of those shots were absolutely stunning. Hard to believe what a cell phone camera can do if it's in the right hands!!

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography (10.26.10, 11:15 AM): Subway shot, Black and White Male, and Little Boy on Chair - My absolute faourites ! There are some Great shots in there!...never thought of using a pet though :D

Rohit Sharma (10.26.10, 11:01 AM): I think few of them are really awesome! Unfortunately most of them are dull captures!

Jason (10.26.10, 4:36 AM): Some were awesome, but some I didnt understand why you picked them. Oh well, I loved seeing all the kids, and I think I have my fav ready!