Derrick (10.17.10, 8:42 AM): @Jason - Yep, you are right! I panicked but after re-reading the blog entries of all questions asked, Michael clarifies "The only way we have not gotten them is if the email is returned to you. There is one notifier per week, so even if you send several emails, you will only get one notifier." - Thanks!

Jason (10.17.10, 4:52 AM): Not trying to be a jerk, but some of you need a reading lesson! He explains everything in the rules and on his blog, and you still ask questions. Questions that are already answered. Before you ask, read!

Rupak (10.17.10, 2:39 AM): I have submitted my entry by 11:30 Pacific . Will it be considered ?

Tia (10.17.10, 2:16 AM): Dang! I'm just now reading this a day late. I tried to submit some around 9:00pm mountain time on the 15th, and my email came back saying it couldn't deliver it. I assumed it was because it was past midnight at whatever time zone you're in. I only got one entry in! Boo. Oh well.

Boz (10.17.10, 1:17 AM): Great to see there was such a large submission Michael - I'm sure with everything you have gone through in the recent month that you are simply going to need some time to unwind...not to mention unpack :D Enjoy some time to yourself - I'm sure the extended deadline was very much appreciated by many:D ps. last wedding of the year today -WoW - love ending it this way!

Derrick (10.17.10, 12:16 AM): General submission question-I sent in three separate emails back to back but received only confirmation for the first one. Does this mean the other two were not received? This was completed 5 min before the deadline. Each picture was under the 30 MB limit. Thanks.

Tom (10.16.10, 11:31 PM): Well, it says in the 2-5 range. I had one that was 5.x and assumed it was close enough. He mentioned he didn't want raw and 30 gig file sizes. So, hopefully we'll be close enough...

Rebecca Cruz (10.16.10, 11:22 PM): When I first read your contest rules it was never mentioned definite bytes/pixels to be used but required only high resolution digital files so I send my photos with the highest resolution my camera have. Taken my shots without bothering to visit your blog again because I've already saved the rules to serve as my guide since I'm not always online. My files not even exceed to 2mb, will it lead to my disqualification? Hope I'll get to know the answer, thank you in advance.

Mike Cruz (10.16.10, 4:10 PM): I submitted mine 11am oct 15 (pst),I didn't receive any message failed, does it mean my pics came through? I submitted on all categories for both division. Thanks!

Michael Andrew (10.16.10, 4:03 PM): If your images were rejected and you have not resubmitted, YES- you should resubmit. Thanks!

Adam Pendleton (10.16.10, 4:03 PM): Can you confirm when the crash happened? Just checking on my submissions. Thanks!

Alexzander M. Carnel (10.16.10, 3:55 PM): did my entry's come in correctly?

Jackie (10.16.10, 3:16 PM): I'm not sure if my pictures ever made it through because last night I kept receiving emails that they didn't so I retried again....I'm I need to resend?

Kari Bell (10.16.10, 1:42 PM): Just panicking a bit....should we go ahead and resubmit our photos to be certain they got in? Since the system crashed, I mean. thanks

Kari Bell (10.16.10, 1:40 PM): Just wondering when the results will be announced. I may be blind, but couldn't seem to find that information on your site. thank you Kari

MIchael Andrew (10.16.10, 11:50 AM): UPDATE: I'm surprised by how few submissions we have for the Cell Phone Division. @Mark- Pacific

Daniel (10.16.10, 2:56 AM): Thanks Michael. I used the application 'SmallImage" (for MAC) to reduce the size and overhead metatags after I used the photoshop method 'save for web..'. This way I could the size of my files to about 3MB without loosing too much detail - or so I hope. After the contest, is it possible to ask what can be done to improve the pictures we've sent? Cheers!

Mark Iuzzolino (10.16.10, 2:53 AM): Michael, what time zone are you going by for the midnight time deadline?