Kevin Bassett (10.20.10, 1:40 AM): Hi my younger brother was friends with Mark and has shared the story with me, being prior service it moved me deeply to hear of the loss. I posted Marks tribute video on my fb page and several of my friends have posted it. I am looking forward to the website. The men involved is special operations are truly exceptional individuals. My condolences to Marks family and friends I will do my part to share his story whenever I have the opprotunity and I will make sure his website is known among my friends. Thank you again for the wonderful job you did with the blog.

christine (10.16.10, 2:07 AM): Thank you for sharing Mark's story. As I sit here and read your story of your friend and his family I am in tears. This week marks 6 years since I've lost a DEAR friend in Iraq. A military funeral is like nothing one should experience. GOD BLESS MARK, HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. A website is an incredible tribute to the life of a great man who lost his life doing something that was the core of his being and as an american we should all stand proud and offer our eternal gratitude to men like Mark and their families for sharing him with his country.