MIchael (10.16.10, 1:55 AM): Yes, see most recent post. We had some issues today and it has been extended one extra day. Please do not send them to my personal account. If you have, you should re-submit them to the contest email. Thanks!

Garrett (10.15.10, 10:30 PM): I am sure I was not the only one experiencing issues with emails getting rejected all day )-: I sent my images eventually to his CONTACT email. Please consider accepting for another day for people that could not send them in due to technical difficulties )-: Thanks for the opportunity either way :-)

Boz (10.15.10, 10:25 PM): Michael, for those of us who sent our images in digitally, would you like us to send in a hard copy through MPIX as well? I realize I have submitted a couple anyway, with no hope of winning, but I was just wondering if it would make it easier for you? Or not :D Thank you for running this contest, it is great to take part in.

MIchael (10.14.10, 8:20 PM): All rules are already outlined on the Photography Post- Read it carefully. there is still time to submit!

Nathan Demoline (10.14.10, 6:02 PM): Are We allowed to edit our photos???

Adrian (10.14.10, 5:24 PM): Just to clarify, do the cell phone shots have to have been taken after August 1 of this year? I have a great shot I would love to submit, but it was taken a week too soon.

Michael (10.14.10, 4:18 PM): @Kenjy and all others who are asking- It will take some time to catalog and judge the images. Judges will select finalists and blog readers will vote to select winners, it will take a few weeks, so please be sure to come back and visit. Winners will be announced on the blog once we have winners.

Kenjy (10.14.10, 2:41 PM): What day will the winners be notified/announced?

Michael Andrew (10.14.10, 1:36 PM): @enis- YES

enis (10.14.10, 12:50 PM): Just mailed my prints on 10-14 by priority mail. Will arrive on saturday, 1 day past deadline. Michael, should I also email them since my prints will arrive 1 day too late?

Boz (10.14.10, 10:53 AM): I'm quite sure you will be overloaded with entries in the last few hours Michael, the option of email allows for the last minute apps! - I'm hoping to have my entries sent in today. I don't own an iphone - but I did ask a friend to borrow hers on Thanksgiving, we went out shooting for a bit so we could both send in shots.