Debbie (10.13.10, 12:08 AM): It's hard being torn between two things. I'm so glad that you were able to accomplish so much in Haiti AND make it to Mark's funeral. Your pictures are truly amazing. You are so talented. I think it is not only a great blessing for his family for you to be there, but it is also very therapeutic for you to be around his family and help you go through the grieving process as well. I would love a copy of the DVD when you're done with it.

Pat Weeks (10.10.10, 11:05 AM): Michael, you don't know me but I live in Red Bay and was at Mark's funeral. When I saw you (recognized you from the website) I was so glad that you made it. I know you were torn about leaving Haiti but Mark's family really needed you. All the pictures and thoughts you have expressed will help them remember after the fog lifts and they have time to see it all. I didn't know Mark either but Ray has known my husband JC for years. I have been so moved by Mark's life and service and I wish I could have known him. Take care in your travels and thank you for all the photos and the website where we could learn about Mark's life and service.

Tracy (10.10.10, 9:41 AM): Mike you really are an inspiration as well. The selfless work you do in Haiti (those kids are so beautiful) and all you do to help keep those of who could not be in Haleyville informed is awesome. Thank you and I'm really looking forward to the posts from the memorial service.

Toby Roybal (10.10.10, 1:07 AM): You guys did some tremendous work! Loved all the photos you took too. You had so much on your plate as well Michael. Glad you were able to visit Jean as he surely needed help!