dad (10.09.10, 12:59 AM): Les. I think you asked "what kind of person writes in the third person?" Michael is saving lives and you are hung up on vernacular. Whoever deleted your post did you a favor.

Dirk (10.08.10, 1:49 PM): I would assume les that it is not Michael updating his blog while he is in Haiti or travelling and so with someone else updating the blog they are saying it as it is....

les miles (10.08.10, 10:23 AM): why did you delete my comment? i just asked why you write in third person. that's not cool.

Cindy (10.08.10, 1:14 AM): So glad you made it.

Elizabeth (10.07.10, 5:24 PM): One of Mark's and mine former coworkers texted me before the funeral and mentioned she saw you there. I am so glad you were able to get there AND do all this good work in Haiti! Really wish I could be there as well.

Tracy (10.07.10, 2:04 PM): Mike, Have a great trip celebrating Mark's life. I wish I could be there as well.