Greg Engle (10.05.10, 11:25 PM): Mr. Ray This is Greg Engle at Southern Colonel Homes in Hattiesburg. Im sorry to hear about your son and will keep your family in my prayers. May GOD bless you and keep you in his arms. Yours Brother in Christ Greg Engle

Shannon Morgan (10.04.10, 6:07 PM): Hey M - You, and Mathieu will continually be in my thoughts and prayers this time around just as you were last time. And Toby you are truly the third hero in all of this!! Also, I am so sorry for your lose. And I want you to know that I am so inspired by you and Marks friendship. As well as yours and his example to take risks and put yourself in dangerous situations for the sake of others freedoms, and well being. Truly amazing. You know I am here if you need anything!

Debbie (10.03.10, 1:25 AM): Please be careful, Mike! I was really hoping to see you at Mark's funeral services, but I'm glad that you are out there making a difference!! Good luck!

Tracy (10.02.10, 8:20 AM): Be careful Mike, we'll keep you in our prayers.

Kjersti (10.01.10, 3:31 PM): I will keep you and Mathieu in my prayers. Stay safe. I worry for the two of you, but I also think it is wonderful that there are people brave enough to go and help others in time of need even if it means risking their own safety.

Alex Rubio (10.01.10, 3:00 PM): Be safe Michael, you're the man...!!!

Derrick (10.01.10, 1:57 PM): My prayers are with Mark's family. Safe journey, you need to be really focused over there!!!!! Saw this on MSNBC, "Nearly nine months after the earthquake, more than a million Haitians still live on the streets between piles of rubble. One reason: Not a cent of the $1.15 billion the U.S. promised for rebuilding has arrived."

Rob (10.01.10, 1:40 PM): Be safe Michael! Your intentions are good, just don't let your emotions cloud your conscience thoughts. Stay sharp and we all pray for your safe return.

Mathieu (10.01.10, 11:45 AM): Michael, let's go shake up Haiti again. This time for Mark. See u in PAP tomorrow.

Melissa H. (10.01.10, 10:11 AM): I have never met Mark. I happened to read the Tuscaloosa News this morning and the headline grabbed me. I wanted to let his family and friends know that I am saddened to see such a vibrant young man taken from this world. I am an Alabama graduate and the wife of an Army veteran, and was deeply touched by the news article as well as what I saw on this blog. As odd as this sounds, I will be forever changed by reading this...I will treasure all of the little things in life - the BAMA games I will watch, reading the stories of our troops overseas...talking with my children about the simple things in life that we take for granted... God bless Mark and all of the brave men and women of our armed forces. God bless the families and friends of our troops. And God Bless you, Michael Andrew, for reminding us to live on and to remember...

Jan Hutchison (10.01.10, 9:42 AM): Good luck Mike. We all are so saddened. I wish Mark was not on the front page of today's Tuscaloosa News. I wish he would be at the Iron Bowl. I feel a bit of my has died yet a bit of Mark will live on in me. I do have some pictures that you took really so you may have them. It was at Matt and Robyn's wedding reception. I will send them if you want. Garrett reminded me that I probably have some of Mark when he went to the beach with us. I will need to look for those. You take care and know of our love.

Kathy (10.01.10, 8:55 AM): Praying for God's hedge of protection around you, Mathieu and Craig on your mission! Any way I can be of help just let me know.

Julie (10.01.10, 8:33 AM): Praying for your safety and a successful trip. Here's the article from the Tuscaloosa News on Mark.

Karen Tart (10.01.10, 7:56 AM): Be safe Michael. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I am still in touch with many of the people who helped us out the first time.

Bill (10.01.10, 7:44 AM): Good luck Michael. God bless and be safe. This world could use more guys like you.....