Justin (10.14.10, 2:18 PM): Michael the first shot is crazy amazing! I aspire to be just like you! I recently bought a Canon 7D and I was wondering if shots like the first one would be possible with my camera.

Undfind Photography (10.02.10, 12:17 PM): Great shots here! The water in the first almost looks like gelatin. :)

Michael Andrew (09.23.10, 1:09 PM): Thank you everyone!

Kathy (09.23.10, 8:30 AM): Loving all your shots from Hawaii!!!! These are awesome as well!!!

Alex Rubio (09.22.10, 11:33 PM): Awesome, amazing...!

grmatt (09.22.10, 4:19 PM): Really like the first shot!

Andre (09.22.10, 9:48 AM): WOW Michael the first shot is amazing.

Bill (09.22.10, 8:00 AM): I love the first shot

James (09.22.10, 6:01 AM): I see image #2 being on a postcard! Which I would certainly buy!