Shannon Morgan (09.20.10, 5:58 PM): Love this show!! Seriously, so much fun, he was great!

MIchael Andrew (09.19.10, 3:52 PM): It was a great recommendation Tom! We LOVED it!

Tom (09.19.10, 9:55 AM): I'm glad you liked it since I recommended it to you when I heard you were moving out there. I also love the Lahaina area as well.

Aaron (09.19.10, 2:44 AM): On a photography/video note - I also like watching shows or movies and looking for and trying to figure out how they did a particular shot - in many cases it seems like magic. Well, when it is done right anyway.

Michael Andrew (09.18.10, 7:24 PM): I also want to add, this was one of the less impressive tricks of the night, just before this he did the bowling ball tricks and they were outstanding. Also probably very similar to the prestige -oriental fish bowl trick. Its a fantastic show.

Michael Andrew (09.18.10, 7:22 PM): I saw it too, it was candle wax. The drape he was working on hand little spatters of it everywhere.

Aaron (09.18.10, 6:29 PM): Very cool! It looks like he drops something between 1:08 and 1:11, his eyes follow it as well. Excellent slight of hand, I always like when magicians roll up their sleeves. This particular trick reminded me of the movie 'the prestige'. I think because of the showiness of the trick to distract the viewer from what is really going on. I love magic shows in general because it's fun to try and figure the tricks out. I will definitely want to see this show when I am there. Thanks for posting!