Indianapolis Wedding Photographer (09.29.10, 4:34 PM): Did you use your extension tubes on this?

Nathan Demoline (09.16.10, 6:39 PM): I still dont Know how you got that close with a the way a lovely photo

Aaron (09.15.10, 10:56 PM): Nice!

Alex Rubio (09.15.10, 3:59 PM): Congrats on your new place Michael, ver nice sunset shot and the moon shot is awesome, going to try that one of these days.

Rob (09.15.10, 2:08 PM): Congrats on finding a place M! Looks like you got a bit of chromatic aberration on top and bottom of moon too. That can be fixed easily in camera raw. :)

Shannon Wimberly (09.15.10, 2:02 PM): Thanks Michael! I will try it tonight!

chaos2k (09.15.10, 9:55 AM): glad to hear your getting settled in. great moon shot

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography (09.15.10, 9:13 AM): I have been thinking of getting a cool moon shot lately, Thanks for the input :D - and the beautiful view from your place in the world!

Kjersti (09.15.10, 5:01 AM): Such a great photo of your dad.