Rob (09.10.10, 12:02 AM): Its working for me Alex...

Alex Rubio (09.09.10, 11:45 PM): Michael, it is not listed at the store... Only the contract maker and maker pro... Also the link above transfers you to the store but an error pops up saying "your request could not be completed"...

chaos2k (09.08.10, 8:31 PM): as soon as I can find the cord to charge the ipod I'll test it out :)

Rob (09.08.10, 8:02 PM): Since you are asking, a link to the contests. Maybe the link could include the current contest rules and the past contest winners images.

MIchael Andrew (09.08.10, 6:52 PM): @Rob- We will be having to make an update soon, so if you see anything else, please let me know! Thx

Rob (09.08.10, 5:53 PM): I cant view the forums in landscape mode only the blog :(

rob (09.08.10, 5:51 PM): Just downloaded it now. I can get rid of all the other links now that I had to the blog and forum.

Aaron (09.08.10, 4:20 PM): Very cool! I am posting to your blog from within the app. Great job!