MIchael Andrew (11.09.10, 12:13 AM): Macro Nominees Posted!

Michael Andrew (11.05.10, 10:53 PM): Hi Guys, You really should be checking the Main Blog: Michaelthemaven.com - not just this post. You can also search for updates by clicking on the "Categories" under "Contests. The nominees for Cell Phones are already posted. Still going through the Main division, I expect to start posting these on Monday.

Jenn (11.04.10, 2:15 PM): hi Michael was just wanting to know are u going to email the winners? or post the winners on here. or both lol .. this has been my first time entering a photo contest kinda can't wait to seee the photos that win or if i 'm one of them it would be soo cool to find that out also lol

Suman Debnath (11.03.10, 9:10 AM): any update Michael ??????

Michael Andrew (10.27.10, 4:28 AM): Been posting the nominees for Cell Phone Division on blog last 2 days- more to come!

Traci Pyron (10.25.10, 6:17 PM): Anxiously awaiting contest results! WHEN???

srilanka4321 (10.25.10, 1:41 AM): also looking forward to see the winning photos!

Dorian Daster (10.24.10, 8:55 AM): Can't wait to see which pics make it to the finals!

Suman Debnath (10.21.10, 4:32 AM): Hi Michael, I have sent my pics thru email long back, now waiting for the results....very much excited [:-).......so when are you going to declare it and where?? -Suman Debnath

chris (10.20.10, 7:25 PM): is this comments section the place to check for contest updates?

Kari Bell (10.20.10, 10:44 AM): Will there be a specific place to view the photos on your site? If so, how do we navigate to it? Thanks!

Michael Andrew (10.17.10, 2:12 AM): Contest is officially closed for entries, now the fun part starts! Ill post nominees and finalists as we sort them out. Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a huge response the last 2 days.

Michael Andrew (10.16.10, 12:05 PM): UPDATE: I am extending entries until Saturday Oct 16 at Midnight. We received so many emails today that it crashed our gmail account and we had to upgrade. The account is now upgraded and ready to go. Thank you for your patience!

Ramez (10.16.10, 5:20 AM): I tried a second time now and all mine went through; I hope!

Alessandro (10.16.10, 1:12 AM): Cell Phone Contest-Landscape http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/JkSP1NhNcjhO4fp6UDMgjFCHrFbYxXTzio0H_7bnhh0?feat=directlink Cell Phone Contest-Wildcard http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/rhZRBUKkCD_N2jDCzCs27lCHrFbYxXTzio0H_7bnhh0?feat=directlink Cell Phone Contest-Portrait http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/A-nbqDQCQbbAD0L4IYd2HVCHrFbYxXTzio0H_7bnhh0?feat=directlink The Photos were not edited

Jonathan (10.16.10, 12:47 AM): Same here, cant submit photos, get email saying "Storage Quota Exceeded," and I've Tweeted and emailed to no avail

Alessandro (10.16.10, 12:32 AM): I tried to submit the pictures, but the emails keep bouncing back :(

David Estep (10.16.10, 12:10 AM): I sent my entry at 11:58 and it sent me back a response that said the email of the recipient was overloaded. This is really discouraging since I spent 6 hours editing and shooting one image. Did anyone else have this problem??

Erica (10.16.10, 12:06 AM): My photos keep getting bounced back as well!

Oscar Valtierra (10.16.10, 12:02 AM): last pic didnt make it... aaaaa it was so good... ill send it again in a few hours hope they still take it... PLEASE!!!

Adrian (10.16.10, 12:02 AM): The mailbox is over quota, it will not receive more mail until it is cleared out.

Ramez (10.15.10, 11:55 PM): I tried emailing 2 pictures out of 5 and they bounced back! I'm going to try this again later, unless there is an alternative way!

Oscar Valtierra (10.15.10, 11:53 PM): bounced back there is like 7 mins left and i have one pic left to submit... going crazy

Mohammad (10.15.10, 11:41 PM): I've been trying to email pics for the past 30 minutes and they keep coming back

Cory Callahan (10.15.10, 11:40 PM): Mine was bounced back too.

Brian Owen (10.15.10, 11:19 PM): Tried to submit my cell phone contest pictures but they got bounced back because mailbox over quota. :) guess thats a good thing for the contest. What to do?

Frank (10.15.10, 10:57 PM): I tried to submit two entries several times but they got bounced back every time :(

Marlis Steinke (10.15.10, 10:10 PM): Tried to enter photos for the contest but they got bounced back.

Heather Jo Mangum (10.15.10, 9:20 PM): Is it midnight EST, Central, PST???? Thanks!

Gary Deal (10.15.10, 8:55 PM): Thanks Michael. I will try again before 12 midnight on 10/16/10.

Gary Deal (10.15.10, 8:42 PM): Are you still out of space on your account? My emails are still not being delivered. Thanks for your attention.

Shyam (10.15.10, 8:03 PM): Hi Micheal, I sent across 5 entries (4 in the main division and one in the cell phone division) but 4 of them bounced back. I have no clue as to how one of the entries didn't bounce back :). Please let me know how else I can submit the digital images. Regards, Shyam.

Tom (10.15.10, 7:42 PM): Thanks Michael, I just tried to submit and it did not allow me too either. Thanks for extending the deadline! I'll try again later or tomorrow...

Michael Andrew (10.15.10, 7:04 PM): UPDATE: I am extending entries until tomorrow at Midnight. We received so many emails today that it crashed our gmail account and we had to upgrade. So this if you submitted an image and it was rejected due to size, it should be cleared up in less than 24 hours. Thanks!

Gary Deal (10.15.10, 7:02 PM): I'm trying to enter your contest and my email submissions are undeliverable to: mavencontest@gmail.com Can you please confirm the correct email address to submit entries?

Jason (10.15.10, 2:47 PM): Entered, all the way from Iraq!!!

Michael Andrew (10.15.10, 1:13 PM): UPDATE: We are getting a lot of entries today (LAST DAY) and may run out of space on our account. I have already upgraded to much more space, but it may take a while to kick in. Keep the entries coming in, if we have an issue with space on our end and your email is returned we will arrange something, but until that happens the deadline is still midnight tonight. Thanks! M

Michael Andrew (10.15.10, 11:41 AM): Again, yes, we have gotten your images. The only way we have not gotten them is if the email is returned to you. There is one notifier per week, so even if you send several emails, you will only get one notifier. @Andreas - yes.

Andreas (10.15.10, 3:46 AM): Hello Michael, I submitted a photo yesterday in the sports category, but right after I had submitted it I noticed that the max file size was 5MB, and my image was 5.5. Would you like me to resize and resend it?

Pranita (10.15.10, 12:52 AM): Sir, I am excited to send the pictures for this contest just because I want to show you my photography my dream which I learned from your videos.Thanks a lot!

Kari Bell (10.14.10, 8:19 PM): Is there anywhere to view the winners from last year?

Kari Bell (10.14.10, 4:55 PM): Can you confirm whether or not you recieved my photos? Also, whether or not the cloud photo qualified for nature? I am guessing not, but thought I'd try anyway....you never know until you try! Thanks! Kari Bell

Sarah Evans (10.14.10, 4:09 PM): Hey, I've entered a photo in the main comp, in the macro section, and I was wondering, as I'm in the UK, if I won anything, would I have to pay P&P ? Thanks. (:

John Scott (10.14.10, 2:37 PM): I submitted three entries. I got a reply for the nature category of 9/26, but none for the entry to the Abstract category on 9/27 or the Portrait category on 9/28. I would just like to make sure they really have been entered before the deadline. Thanks so much!

Michael (10.14.10, 1:56 PM): Yes we have them. It will take a few weeks to get them all sorted out and to have voting. Be sure to check back on this post ot on the blog!

Riddhi Parekh (10.13.10, 11:24 PM): Hi, Did you receive my photos?? when are the results announced???

jennifer Dundus (10.13.10, 5:58 PM): I sent my pictures over a week ago and I still have not heard anything did you receive them.

Zory (10.12.10, 3:11 PM): Also, square format pictures aka 8x8 - is that accepted?

Zory (10.12.10, 2:29 PM): Is nudity allowed in the Portraits section?

Gregor K (10.11.10, 2:48 AM): Hi, what division would pictures (photo) from a digital hd video camera qualify in? Greetings from Belgium

Ivan from italy (10.09.10, 8:09 PM): Hi Michael Andrew! I sent mi pics a couple of days ago (all categories, but macro), but I had no reply, so please let me know if they've been accepted. tnx bye

sokchea (10.09.10, 3:09 AM): When resizing my photo to send to you by email, should it be a certain size? I resize with adobe.

Roshan K Arjal (10.07.10, 12:10 AM): Hi Michael, did u get my pics? Please do comment on them.. I m just in the learning phase.. Will be obliged to learn from a professional..

Riddhi Parekh (10.06.10, 1:44 AM): Hi, I wanted to ask I don't want to enter in the macro category so can I add 2 in the portrait category? Also I have few travel pictures they are neither portraits or landscape what category should they fall under?? Also can u elaborate on what portrait category can contain?? Where would animals fit in, nature?? Please do reply.

MIchael Andrew (10.04.10, 10:50 PM): @ John- Yes, the copyright remains that of the photographer, but without stating this rule we cannot show the pictures on the site, and yes of course it is only for the contest. This is a fun contest to promote photography only. The images of those who place or win will remain on the site indefinitely. @nps- Yes we are getting everyone's images. Only in the event it is returned to you did we not get it. @Roshan-Separate Emails are best, but either will work. @ Alana- Winners will be announced after we sort everything out and have voting. I expect in Nov sometime.

Alana Wanke (10.04.10, 6:00 PM): When will the winners be announced?

Roshan K Arjal (10.04.10, 9:24 AM): Hi, can I post images multiple times..or do I have to do it in one mail?

npsl02 (10.04.10, 12:15 AM): Hi, Just sent my submissions for 4 categories in one email message. Have you got it?

patrick bibby (10.03.10, 2:08 PM): hi i sent in a pic via the email link. this is my 1st time using a mac & could not send text. with photo (wasp with fly in jaws) do i need too

John (10.02.10, 9:47 PM): Hi, I don't see anything in the rules about copyright. Can you confirm that copyright remains with the photographer? Also the rules state that 'By submitting your images for either division, you give Michael The Maven and its representatives, permission to reproduce & show on websites, social media or other materials for promotional purposes.' Can you confirm that this is soley for the puposes of promoting the competition? And also for how long this permission lasts? Thanks.

Michael Andrew (09.30.10, 2:55 AM): @ Tom- Lightning would be a "Nature" type shot. Thanks! @ Jennifer - Yes we got them!

Jennifer (09.28.10, 6:54 PM): I hope that my emails sent okay i sent 4 in 4 different Main Photo Division

Tom (09.28.10, 3:57 PM): Does lightning qualify as abstract?

Michael Andrew (09.27.10, 4:35 PM): We got your images cha. Thanks!

cha (09.27.10, 8:06 AM): i send 2 pictures and got no reply:(

Michael Andrew (09.26.10, 9:47 PM): @ Caleb- we got it! That notice is sent out only once every few days. Thanks!

Caleb (09.26.10, 9:17 AM): Sry for asking so many questions. But i submitted one Potrait and one macro photo. But i only got a notification on the potrait being recieved. nothing on the macro. I submitted one after the other

Michael Andrew (09.26.10, 3:31 AM): @ Caleb- No Worries & Yes a description is fine. @Cha-, you may enter one image into each category. @Jenn- Any person/ living thing dead or alive would be ok. @ Skar - Winners from last year: http://www.michaelthemaven.com/?postID=1061&ma-photography-contest-finalists-vote-now

Caleb (09.25.10, 7:28 AM): Hey Micheal. I accidentally submited my email without the photo so i resent the email with the photo. Hope i will not get DQ for sending twice

Caleb (09.25.10, 7:17 AM): Are we allowed to give a brief description?

cha (09.25.10, 5:30 AM): in the main division can i send 2 pictures? one for portrait and one for macro?

Jenn (09.24.10, 2:20 PM): Do entries for the Portraits category have to be human, or can they be animal portraits as well?

Skarphedinn (09.24.10, 11:28 AM): Can we see the images that were in the competition last year?

Michael Andrew (09.24.10, 4:09 AM): All images For main division within the last year & cell phone division = within the last 2 months

Skarphedinn (09.23.10, 5:37 PM): Are there any rules on when the picture has to be taken? For an example, can I send ten years old picture to the contest?

Michael Andrew (09.23.10, 1:15 PM): @ Chris- if you are under age 18, you need your parents approval to submit and participate. There is no way to prove this on our end, but if you win a prize and havent asked for permission, it could come back to haunt both of us. Thank you for asking!

Michael Andrew (09.23.10, 1:14 PM): @ Jenna- Unfortunately we are limiting entries to one per category. Cell Phone users are allowed 2 per category. My advise would be if you are unsure, ask someone you trust for their input. :)

Michael Andrew (09.23.10, 1:12 PM): @ Heather- Images are judged on a number of criteria including; technical skill, composition, subject matter, originality, etc. I personally select the top 10 for each category, our guest judges select the finalists, and our blog readers vote on the winners for each category. @bernardo - Files should be JPEGs (Not RAW), up to 5MB per image is ok.

Jenna (09.23.10, 12:01 PM): I'm having trouble deciding what photo I want to submit. Can I submit more then one? If yes, how many? If no, do you have any advice on the type of photo most likely to win something?

bernardo cesare (09.23.10, 11:41 AM): are there constraints on min/max size of files for submission?

bernardo cesare (09.23.10, 11:41 AM): are there constraints on min/max size of files for submission?

Heather Jo Mangum (09.22.10, 11:57 PM): What exactly is the judging criteria? Is it just whatever you like, artistic, unique, quality, emotion?

Chris P (09.22.10, 11:41 PM): Are there any age for this contest? requirements

Michael Andrew (09.22.10, 11:20 PM): Yes! Email submissions are fine!

Sarah (09.21.10, 7:08 AM): if i'm not from us cand i send it through e-mail?

Michael Andrew (09.19.10, 3:16 PM): In the main division, yes, Photoshop, including presets and actions are allowed

Tom (09.17.10, 4:09 PM): Are we allowed to use photoshop, camera raw, lollipops, paintballer pro? Thanks!

abena (09.14.10, 8:46 AM): hey are we allowed to use photoshop to enhance the picture ..for example ..contrast ,levels , brightness etc? or do you wnat us to send both the original copy as well as the edited one ?sorry for so many questions , i just want to be sure . oh and thanks in advance for making this prize possible

Michael Andrew (09.14.10, 2:05 AM): @ shelli- yes, it is white poster board and yes, it would be sports/action type shot. Thank you!

Shelli Sherwood (09.13.10, 4:32 AM): I have 2 queastions: In the iphone crash potot video, what is the material that large bounce card is made of? You mention we can get it at wal-mart, is it poster board, foam? Question 2..if we are going to enter a photo of concert photography in the main camera contest, what category would we use, sports? Thanks Shelli

Michael Andrew (09.07.10, 11:03 AM): @ Matthew - 5-6 MB would be the max size our email client can handle. 2-3mb would be ideal @Elle- We need at least name, email address, and mailing address (should you win). It's easier to send your mailing address with your entry so we do not have to do so after. ;) @Heather- You should be! We had many beginners place and win prizes last year. @ Gabriel- Yes that is fine, you can submit by email.

Pradhumn (09.07.10, 6:34 AM): in landscape subject, is it compulsory that the photo must be of nature? when will be the results?

Gabriel (09.07.10, 3:06 AM): I will not be able to print my photos so I will send all of them by mail. It's OK???

heather (09.06.10, 12:47 PM): I am an amature so i can't wait to see how i can hold up amongst all the entrants! lol

Heather (09.06.10, 12:46 PM): Im very excited for this! Cant wait to enter! Thanks!

ellie (09.06.10, 12:06 PM): what details do we include about ourselves when submitting?

Matthew Palmer (09.06.10, 7:30 AM): Whats the max file size you can handle??

Michael Andrew (08.31.10, 6:31 PM): Please no watermarks- (See Above) - Thanks!

Tammy Kelley (08.31.10, 11:23 AM): ??? Should images be watermarked???

Tammy Kelley (08.31.10, 11:14 AM): Thanks Michael! This is great and a great way to win an upgrade. I will be thinking about what I want to submit myself.

Kelly Fulcher (08.31.10, 10:58 AM): This is exciting!!!! I cant wait to send in some work!!! Loving this from Alberta, Canada

Michael Andrew (08.30.10, 4:43 PM): Black and white is fine! :)

Carla (08.30.10, 4:04 PM): It can be black and white or needs to be color pictures?

London Wedding Photography (08.30.10, 11:39 AM): Oh, NICE!!! This looks so exciting Michael - I am looking forward to participating and will post this to my blog tomorrow too!...and FB and Twitter of course as well! Thank You!

Audrey Coley (08.30.10, 10:40 AM): Super excited! I will be thinking about what to enter!