Andre Johnson (08.30.10, 1:14 PM): Once again Michael, you made a great video. Thanks for all the excellent tips for using a camera phone, these will come in handy for the contest. Another reason to want an iPhone, they have a lot of cool apps. for that phone.

Alex Rubio (08.29.10, 11:59 PM): Excellent video Michael, loved it, thanks!!!

Randy Jones (08.29.10, 4:32 PM): Wow...this is amazing.... It is like you have solved a long standing riddle. The most interesting thing for me was how you limited your options and made it hard for yourself and still got good images. Well done!

chaos2k (08.29.10, 9:35 AM): great video M. I'm going to send the link to some of my vimeo contacts :)

Dad (08.29.10, 4:39 AM): Really great video. I loved it.. Thanks. Obviously a lot of hard work to make it and generosity to give it to everyone.

Glen (08.28.10, 10:20 PM): Wow, you have energy! Thank-you :)

Bill (08.28.10, 9:06 PM): Awesome video Michael. I've got the Droid Incredible.........and will be absolutely trying to find some of those apps to play with. great pics as always!