Michael Andrew (08.30.10, 3:34 PM): Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your kind words, suggestions and support. I plan on doing a crazy amount of photography on Maui and really looking forward to it!

John Scott (08.28.10, 5:28 PM): I know you are a wedding photographer and people do get married in Maui, but even more honeymoon there and most can't afford to bring their wedding photographers with them. If I were in your shoes I'd be marketing myself as an expert "Honeymoon Photographer". Few folks are going to hang their wedding pictures on the wall, but romantic beach shots of their honeymoon in Hawaii, heck yeah! That's something I bet a lot of folks will pay good money for. Best of Luck!

Alexandra (08.27.10, 9:55 AM): This post really hit home with me. You know you were/are MY MENTOR! You have pushed me to keep learning and have taught me so much! I am not sure I told you this but I resigned from my job March 31 to pursue my passion for photography. It is a lot of work to build a client base from the ground up but as you said I am so much happier than I have ever been! Thank you so much for all you do, you truly are a blessing and an inspiration!!!

Natalie (08.26.10, 6:37 AM): Very soothing post! Moving is awesome..a chance to start over. I remember doing your photography school a few years ago and recently finding my assignments. You put lots into perspective. Good luck w/ Maui.... Sincerely, Natalie (blog reader forever)

Boz (08.25.10, 11:12 PM): Great to see that you not letting anything stand in your way Michael - Good for you! I've got to say - Me personally, I live the trifecta, I'd add one more to the list though: 4. Be content without being complacent. Enjoy the adventure. I have no doubt you will suceed, and I will continue to follow the journey :D

chaos2k (08.25.10, 3:36 PM): Good for you M. I wish you all the best on your journey!

Paul (08.25.10, 9:38 AM): Much success to you Michael. I will follow you where ever you go. Keep up the great information. I have learned so much from you and will continue to do so. Can't wait for future workshops.

Rob (08.25.10, 2:07 AM): Good luck to you Michael! This is something you talked about doing a while ago. One thing I have admired about you is your ambition. When you think about doing something, you talk about it, then you do it. Best of luck to you in Maui. I hope I get to see you there!

Kalani Walther (08.25.10, 1:58 AM): First of all, thank you for your wonderful help in my new passion. Also it's great that you are following your dream. We just moved to Kauai 2 months ago and have rediscovered our lives again. Congratulations!

Caroline (08.25.10, 12:33 AM): That's so exciting! Happy Birthday!

Tracy (08.24.10, 11:25 PM): Mike, I'm so excited for you, continuing on with your dreams and vision for yourself is admirable and inspiring. Best of luck to you and maybe, one day, we'll get to see you again!

Harlan (08.24.10, 7:39 PM): Ispent my honeymoon in Maui. It is paradise. I wish you the best of luck brother. You might want to think about a family at some point though. Huge sacrifice but kids are the best thing in the world and are a legacy you leave behind when you are gone.

sunfrog (08.24.10, 7:21 PM): ahhhh fun in the sun ! Life is good .hope everything works out for you Best of luck you lucky Dog oh and if you need to cut down on moving expenses I'll take some of that oh dusty equipment you got laying around LOL ALOHA

Alex Rubio (08.24.10, 6:51 PM): Wish you the very best, as Jim said, you have the drive and motivation to make anything happen... You'll do great, best of luck...! Remember to let me know next time you plan a trip to Miami, so we can plan a workshop with the rest of the gang...

kim (08.24.10, 6:44 PM): I think you'll do fine

Shannon Morgan (08.24.10, 5:59 PM): YAY!!! So excited for you! We are going in May. We will have to have lunch or dinner or something, it would be great to see you again! ENJOY!

Jim (08.24.10, 3:48 PM): With your drive and motivation, your dedication to putting out a good product and in my humble opinion, your best part being that you truly care about what you do - I am sure you will be fine. Just remember so many of the tips you have shared with us will be very much applicable to you. Best of Luck! Look forward to the class there.

Andre Johnson (08.24.10, 3:16 PM): Good luck in Maui Michael I am sure things will turn out just right. Maui is a beautiful place.

Danny (08.24.10, 3:11 PM): Wow Michael, this is exciting! Keep us updated with your beautiful Maui beach shots. Wish you all the best in Maui, Michael. Ps. And ah, now I have one more reason to visit Maui ;-)