Shannon (08.29.10, 10:06 PM): You cant always please everyone. With that said....This post just makes me feel extra special for the emails of mine that you have returned. Thanks! You're great! Keep up the great work!

Iwander (08.25.10, 11:11 PM): Iphone pictures!

Linda Collison (08.25.10, 6:09 PM): Hi Michael, If you let the rude one's bother you it will spoil your enjoyment of life. You will always get some like that. Best to just let it go. How awful to be that petty. Imagine how miserable their lives must be. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely with us. You really are an inspiration to many. All the very best with your move. Linda

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer (08.24.10, 3:13 PM): 4 Super Duper Options! Enjoy :) 1) Design a Really Nice Form Letter Response. Encourage everyone to utilize your FORUM. **Point out that only emails pertaining to the DAY-to-DAY BUSINESS ASPECTS of MA Photography will be answered.** That you have a fabulous forum that is set up just for their education and direct benefit! 2) Also take time to track the emails you are getting, these could be the subjects of your next NEWSLETTER and you could again with a form letter let those with Qs know you liked their Q think others would have the same and will address in the next MA NEWSLETTER but if they need an answer sooner, GO TO THE FORUM. 3) If you don’t want to take the time to respond to the emails in #2 {Which personally I don’t think you should} do a VIDEO BLOG! POP OUT A VIDEO WITH THIS MONTHS MOST ASKED QS. (Under each video blog, have a note that says you will only answer Qs posted on the Video Blog Thread on the FORUM!!!!) 4) I just sent a special 2day offer for the Pro Account for (in case you wanted to share it on your blog) the large file site you turned me onto on the internet. Is there a Thread on the Blog for people to post by date the Special Offers they come across? Those could also be thrown into your VIDEO BLOGS! Which would be a great thing to set yourself apart from others!

lloyd (08.23.10, 8:17 PM): I am always amazed at peoples self-centered and egotistical behaviors. So to answer your really doesn't matter to me, as long as you answer mine!

John Doe No. 5 (08.23.10, 8:16 PM): While I certainly understand your frustration, there are some things to note. No offense intended - I think you do a great job - see point 4. Just a few suggestions: 1) I myself often could not find specific information about products in your online store. Presenting the products in more detail could save you from lots of repetitive questions. 2) FAQ sections do make sense and you can easily refer to them with a link. The same holds true for general photography questions that you could refer to a link list of websites. 3) If it is too much work for you alone, you might well employ a part-time help to deal with easy-to-answer questions. After all, if your business is increasing, you will receive more and more emails. Just the way it is. 4) Finally: You can never make everybody happy. Do your best (and I can tell you: YOU ROCK!) and learn to live with the fact that some people are complainers.

kim (08.23.10, 6:11 PM): I would think an automatic response email would be the best. They get a response and a place to go that answers can be found or questions posted that others can possibly answer.

MIchael Andrew (08.23.10, 1:57 AM): Thank you everyone!

Michael Andrew (08.23.10, 1:56 AM): This is good input. I know I have mentioned it before, but sometimes we get new readers or students who do not see the old posts. I think I need to work on different ways of letting people know what the deal is. Maybe a new email addy with automated responses, or a note where they would email me, or some help, or something. It has got me thinking...

Alstare Photography (08.23.10, 1:31 AM): I had a super long winded, fully detailed response for this and after typing it all out, realized it just comes down to like mentioned below.. "You can't make everyone happy"

Elizabeth (08.23.10, 12:41 AM): You could try outsourcing again...:) Have them reply to your emails. Or you could just hire a secretary or someone that could answer the basic emails, and then leave the complicated questions to you...just brainstorming for ya! I believe I remember you saying on here that you are super busy (which you obviously are) and that you can't reply to all of your emails, which is why you created the forum. People shouldn't have such unrealistic expectations, such as you personally answering the myriad of emails you receive just can't be done.

Alex Rubio (08.22.10, 11:57 PM): Hi Michael, That is amazing how someone can go from being your fan to a hater in short time, that goes to show you they were not a true fan... Keep working like you have, answer the messages you can, we know you are super busy and those of us that know you personally and write to ya once in a while understand you, support you and appreciate all you do for us. So if you take a long time to respond or not at all, we understand. BTW, really enjoying the APT DVD...!

Lambton Shores Wedding Photography (08.22.10, 11:30 PM): Brief form reply - basic - thank you for your email, interest, question... though I am unable to answer all emails individuallys, I do offer the forum .... You have basically stated these points before on the blog, I'm thinking just to have this email set to reply to such emails. That way the email is "automated" - not too personal and noted as a form letter, as to not expect a reply back, and yet the writer still gets their - feeling of importance for the response (which we all know is so vital :D after reading How to win friends and influence people.) and leave it at that. I believe David Jay has written on this same situation as well in Open Source, can't pin point the date, but I'm quite sure you're not alone Michael! ~Boz

Shannon Wimberly (08.22.10, 10:06 PM): You're bloody famous! My word!! 3,000+ friends on FB!!! We love ya! I would suggest to you that you do what you have to do, run your business, raise your family, do not feel obligated to answer any emails. You are a very busy far the haters... they need to get a life! We are all too busy these days, just part modern living I guess... keep it fun, there are thousands that support you and follow you, that will not seems to me the forum is more than capable of answering all the questions. Keep yourself FREE to be creative, and we will follow....

Rob (08.22.10, 10:01 PM): I think grmatt said it all.

grmatt (08.22.10, 9:27 PM): You will never please all. Carry on, you are doing a great job!