Ken (06.09.15, 7:15 AM): Hi, im hoping you can help me. Ive a pentax kit lens max zoom 200mm and ive just bought the tamron 18-250 lens. But when taking photos at full length, there seems to be no extra zoom on the tamron? Both images are the virtually identical. I expected a lot more zoom with the extra 50mm the tamron has? Can you help me understand. Thanks Ken

peter lewin photography (11.19.13, 1:01 PM): Firstly Michael, I would like to make mention of your images. They inspire me to be more flexible and creative in my somewhat traditional and "in the box" approach to photography. It must be my age showing! I am particularly impressed with your approach to reviewing the three lenses selected for travel. My wife and I have traveled extensively over the last ten years or so and I have photographed many different places and situations. I have the Tamron 18 to 270 lens and have given a review on it on Amazon. it is what it is! A great lens that can capture moments that would perhaps have been lost as a result of having the photo gear set up differently. I have also just purchased the Canon version, the 18-200mm. All it took was reading your review! :) When I go across to Montana in the spring, I shall be picking it up then. As a photo enthusiast with some experience and having taught visual communications the traditional way at the high school level, I am quickly appreciating the possibilities and advantages of further creative image making. I shall be looking forward to viewing your other intelligent reviews and gaining inspiration while viewing your portfolio. Many thanks Michael, Peter E. Lewin.

john hamann (08.13.13, 9:56 PM): I have Canon 18-200mm IS. The center sharpness is outstanding, the border is good enough. In telephoto range, it is sharper and autofocus better in low light. Even my friend D90+NIkkor 18-200mm VR cannot compete with speed and autofocus in low light.

Bernie Rochester (08.05.13, 12:09 PM): I tested the accuracy of the 270mm end of my tamron lens by taking pictures of a brick wall with the lens at 270 and my 70-300 canon lens set at 300. I then compared the coverage of the 2 pix and calculated that the long end of the tamron is only just over 200mm (assuming the canon is a true 300). I am now wondering about having a look at the canon 18-200 as it is better all round, and would appear to not have any disadvantage of restriction at the tele end.

Jay (05.08.13, 5:15 PM): Great 'real world' review for someone like me who is a hobbyist. I have what I consider good lenses (24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8) but don't always want to carry around a heavy bag. I believe the 18-270mm will work well for me as an every day walk around lens. And....B&H has it on sale!!! $399 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Thanks again.

Ratna (04.16.13, 2:45 AM): I am planning to buy a tele photo zoom lens but still confused which one to buy. can you plz suggest. my primary interest is to get most sharp image with clear focus. can you plz suggest.

Steve Carr (03.14.13, 6:02 PM): Thanks for the compare. I'm leaving soon for 6-7 months in Latin America and want only one lens for my 60D. I think the Tamron is gonna do it!

Hans (01.24.13, 4:52 PM): Hi Michael, Thank you for the 7D-DVD. I have a 50-250mm,70-2004LIS,10-22 and 15-85mm Conon Lenses. Would like your opinion if I should get the ''Tamron DI IIVC PZD"? I would eliminate some lenses to carry along when I go on Cruises and Travel.Looking foreword to your reply Kind Regards Hans

Hans (01.24.13, 3:20 PM): Hi Michael, I like your DVD-7D. I have a 50mm-250mm,70mm-200mm, 10mm-22mm and 15mm-85mm Canon lenses.I am going on Cruises and like to travel. In your opinion,would it be smart to get the''Tamron18-270 DI II VC PZD ? This would eliminate some of the lenses to carry along! Looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards Hans

Jess (11.17.12, 4:43 AM): Thank you for this awesome review :)

Raypang (11.07.12, 4:40 AM): Dear Micheal, I am the PRC beginner. Glad to see your comparison here, but I think even a pocket camera can take good shots under good light condition, so a comparison when there is low night (night) or fast motion would be more help. My penny, thx.

Doug A (11.02.12, 9:56 PM): I have used the Canon 18-200 lens for a little over 4 years. It has been a very good lens. Why do people complain of lens creep? I don't consider it a malfunction or a problem. It is something you learn about at the time you buy the lens and try it out. If there is lens creep, you adjust for it accordingly in how you carry the lens and camera.

Lester Shane (09.24.12, 4:04 AM): Hi, im a newbie in DSLR World, just want to ask, if this Canon 18-200 lense can be used to a Canon D1100? Thank you..

MIchael (09.14.12, 8:47 PM): Bang for your buck, it is a phenomenal lens. You will only hear the lens when you are using auto focus in video.

Tracey (09.12.12, 8:25 AM): Hello. I am seriously considering the Tamron, however I am concerned about it's sluggish/slower Autofocus. I have two young children and want to be able to film them playing sports. Are you able to provide more feedback on the Tamron performance in this area. I was also told that the canon has a loud Autofocus when on video mode which can be heard during playback, which was a bit of a turn off. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks Tracey

Richard S. Gardener (06.07.12, 1:46 PM): Bravo.....Michael A fantasic piece of work, I am looking to buying A Canon 7D in the next couple on months and Your fantastic research article has gone a long way to making my mind up on it's main everyday lens (Tamron) Thank You Richard Gardener UK South Wales

SteveB (05.01.12, 12:10 PM): I bought the Canon 18-200 about 3 years ago and it was nothing but trouble. The lens would keep extending and did not always return back on the same thread. It had to be repaired because it ultimately jammed. After repair it jammed again on my next trip and I had to manually focus it. Currently it works as a doorstop. I tried placing an evaluation on the Canon website but they do not appear to like criticism. Currently I use the Tamron. I have the original version of the lens. It has taken some really beautiful shots and has worked really well in all sorts of environments. Notably in rainforests. To me the construction appears much better than the Canon. Having said this the Tamron lens is far from perfect. Shots in low light with motion, not fast motion, did not always turn out good. I would have been interested to read if the newer PZD version of the Tamron lens was a big improvement on the original - though you do not make it clear which version of the lens you are evaluating. Thanks

Craig (04.15.12, 10:13 AM): Does this Tamron lens sit ok on a canon 550d. I am looking to progress From a look and shoot to a DSLR and at the moment this combination would be my choice over the canon

Michael (03.11.12, 7:17 PM): Thank you for the great comments - it helped a lot on my evaluation of these lenses.

Ashesh (11.30.11, 1:33 AM): Thanks for the meticulous comparison. It helped me a lot.

sigma lenses (10.21.11, 5:55 AM): Sigma lens is mostly famous as a third-party lens maker, producing lenses in mounts compatible with the leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, and Olympus, in an incredibly sound price. They represent the leading range of existing options for lens types and camera mounts with over 50 different lenses in their broad fold, they present Sigma lenses for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sigma, Sony/Minolta and Four Thirds (Olympus, Panasonic).

Daniel Rossouw (10.18.11, 3:47 PM): I wish that this report was available when I first bought my Sigma lens in 2008. The salesman convinced me that the Sigma quality was better than that of Canon and so I opted for the Sigma. Must say that I am happy with the lens but having read the article I may have stayed with a Canon lens rather. Interesting reading thanks for the effort.

vipul (07.10.11, 9:38 AM): Is this the Tamron PZD version that you compared?

Rozaidi (07.08.11, 9:33 PM): Hi Michael. I appreciate the comparison you made. For my case, I have canon 24-70L 2.8. Is it worth to get canon 18-200 to add to my collection? Or Canon 70-200 2.8 or 4.0? Thanks

Ruthie (05.24.11, 9:55 AM): I have the Sigma 18-200, but after reading your research I am convinced I need to go with the Tamron 18-270. Do you think this is a good decision for a casual photo enthusiast? I am looking for longer focal length. Is it worth it for me to switch from the Sigma I currently own?

Michael Andrew (05.01.11, 10:33 PM): All three lenses are similar in what they offer overall- I have used the same Tamron lens in both Haiti and Japan and it has been fabulous for me, especially because of the extra reach. Couldnt be happier with it!

Albert Spencer (04.27.11, 12:22 AM): The last time I checked, the Sigma has a 5 year warranty in Canada. That puts a major plus when adding up the total marks for all three lens.

Donna Solowij (03.26.11, 8:33 PM): Wow! Thanks heaps for your help. I struggle choosing lenses and I do value good quality in my pics, but I am only part time professional (lol) so money is always an issue. Just goes to show you really do get what you pay for. Having said that I really love the 28-75mm f2.8 Tamron I have, but this time will be going the Canon. Cheers!

Mark (02.01.11, 4:03 PM): If I'm reading this right, the Tamron would be the best choice. Under 200mm it's roughly comparable to the Canon and when you go over 200, well that's the trade off. Could the extended warranty be a nod to uneven quality control? Tough decision for me. I have a buddy who has used the Tamron for years and swears by it--even with enlargements over 8x11.

Dennis (11.06.10, 6:19 AM): I purchased the Tamron 18-270 about 6 months ago. I am a beginner in photography., I found the Tamron was sluggish or slow in low light situation especially at night. Taking pictures at night was a nightmare! It is good to use during the morning or If there is good lights no drama. Unless, Michael has tips for me, I would appreciate it. I am now considering in selling it and getting a another lens like the Canon L series lens.

vinh (11.02.10, 5:27 AM): You helped me make my decision. Thanks a lot.

edward (10.01.10, 12:30 PM): hello michael, i live in france and i just had my 7d with canon 18-200 on it for a month but i was a bit disapponted on the falling barrel of this lens. actually i been following two website when comes to photography, of course yours and another one. anyway i'm planning to buy this tamron but can you please tell me if the tamron barrel is also the same as canon barrel which falls down. sorry for my bad english, anyway more power to you.

ashis (09.30.10, 2:40 PM): wonderful comparison, very helpful, loved it.thanx.

Sean (08.25.10, 11:00 AM): Great comparo. Grazie!

Michael Andrew (08.21.10, 2:22 PM): Im glad you guys enjoyed it. More reviews are coming, you can expect them every 2-3 weeks.

Iwander (08.21.10, 7:25 AM): Great read Michael! I can see you put a lot of work in on this. I would like to see more of them if you are toying with the idea of doing more. I would love to see the results for the ultra wides. Wonder if the Canon would come out on top on that one too? ~Andy

Andre Johnson (08.20.10, 5:55 PM): Thanks Michael for putting this together. I bought the Tamron lens over a year and a half ago and I am glad I did, it's a great all-around lens. Seeing this reconfirms that I made the right decision. I will be using it on an East African safari later on this year in November, lets see if it holds up.

sunfrog (08.20.10, 5:29 PM): WOW . I'm really impressed with the time that you took to show all of us the difference between the three. If you remember, I have the 18-200 Canon which I love. Just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort . Keep it up Brother!

Fabrício Stahelin (08.20.10, 4:29 PM): Any thoughts about the Canon 15-85mm? I have a Canon 18-135mm and I'm planning to sell it to buy a canon 15-85mm. Why? Low cost compared to its Sharpness! But, it is worthy? Thanks for the review.

Carolyn Fahm (08.19.10, 10:49 PM): I have had the Canon lens for nearly two years and I love it.

Akira (08.19.10, 8:02 PM): Thanks Michael for the comparison. I am thinking to buy lens for trips, for the reasons that you have mentioned. And after read your review, I would say that Canon is the best option for me.