Jiim Brown (09.07.10, 1:35 AM): realy - How many people with iphone would have such lighting?

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer (08.24.10, 3:32 PM): I just love it when people take the time to share how they use their tools!

Dad (08.19.10, 1:58 AM): Amazing.

Michael Andrew (08.18.10, 5:09 PM): He has his hands in more consulting projects than I can count. I got the new photoshop express App and his images were all over it. He's a good guy too, always been supportive of me and gets back to me quickly. I like him.

Amber McCoy (08.18.10, 11:20 AM): Great post!! Terry is a fabulous guy an knows his stuff!

Rob (08.17.10, 12:06 AM): Very exciting! Thanks for the twitter and Facebook links :)

Shannon Wimberly (08.16.10, 8:02 PM): VERY COOL TERRY! Thanks for the heads up on the TD5s also. Love the stuff!

Patrick (08.16.10, 6:37 PM): Haha, I love it! If only we had the iphone 4 we may not have had so many haters :)