Alstare Photography (08.15.10, 12:00 PM): Alright, that sums it up... Thanks Michael!

Michael Andrew (08.15.10, 12:38 AM): I'm not sure what the premise was. I think it had something to do with destroying any redeeming value of Dolph Lundren's past acting career, not saying that was a lot to start with, but I did love him as Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. In any event, the best actor in the whole movie was Randy Couture- who isn't a professional actor - if that gives you a taste of what you can expect. If you must see it, which I understand, a rental will be your best bet.

Alstare Photography (08.14.10, 11:18 PM): I have been dying to see this movie... Bad reviews or not, with a cast like this I don't know how it can fail! lol

kim (08.14.10, 9:41 PM): well that's disappointing, what the premise?