vibhanshu kishore (10.05.10, 11:43 AM): when you will announce the result n how?

Linda (09.13.10, 8:43 PM): This might be a dumb question but what category do pets go in?

Michael Andrew (08.30.10, 12:02 AM): Main Contest and Rules page is now posted, look for the contest banner to come shortly. Thank you for your support!

Michael Andrew (08.26.10, 4:44 PM): Hey Shelli- I have a video coming out very soon you will want to see. Please standby!

Shelli Sherwood (08.24.10, 9:22 AM): I have been telling everyone I know about this contest. And I am practicing to get just the right photo so I can send in an entry. Thanks for this contest.

MIchael Andrew (08.23.10, 3:12 AM): Coming out this week- Waiting to hear from 2 more judges before I announce everything! Thanks for your interest!

cait (08.23.10, 12:52 AM): when will we know about the regular contest rules and such?

Michael Andrew (08.21.10, 3:27 PM): LOL- @ Kerry I see where the confusion is - Portrait = People, Landscape = Nature, Scenery

Michael Andrew (08.21.10, 3:26 PM): Wildcard is anything that doesnt fall under "portrait" or "landscape"- could be textures, macro, sports, really anything.

Nathan Demoline (08.21.10, 1:18 AM): What do you mean by wildcard category??? Do i have to take the photo crooked

Kerry (08.19.10, 12:22 AM): I hope this isn't a stupid question but when you say that the categories are portrait and landscape do you mean the view of the picture or like a portrait picture of someone and a picture of a landscape? XD

Kerry (08.17.10, 12:48 AM): Nevermind...I guess I could've read number 11 XDDD

Kerry (08.17.10, 12:47 AM): Will the pictures be judged by you or all of the people who entered?

Michael Andrew (08.14.10, 5:39 PM): Its coming! :)

Rob (08.14.10, 2:22 PM): If you add a twitter or Facebook link on the page, It will make it easier to help spread the word. :) Just a suggestion..

Danny (08.13.10, 3:22 PM): Wow, sweet! Time to apply Michael's teaching to win in this Michael's contest. :D

Michael Andrew (08.13.10, 2:11 PM): @Nathan- YES- you can pretty much do whatever you like with your image as long as it is edited on the device itself. If you use an App, please let us know which one(s) when you submit it.

Nathan Demoline (08.13.10, 11:59 AM): Can we edit the photo with the iphone and make it into a panorama???

Tammy Tin (08.12.10, 12:56 PM): Sweet Michael!!!

Michael Andrew (08.12.10, 4:14 AM): Hi Debbie- text the image to "" Thanks!

Debbie Mann (08.11.10, 10:45 PM): I must have missed it, what number to we TEXT the photo's to? Thanks!

James McQuiggan (08.11.10, 8:06 PM): CANON 7D - FANTASTIC! Looking forward to the contest. Thanks Michael!

Cindy (08.11.10, 7:58 PM): AWESOME IDEA!! I'm telling everyone I know! :)