Pete (08.10.10, 11:10 PM): I had a really good one a few weeks ago. They picked an actual wedding chapel in Idaho. Lots of info and details, but not the right details. I finally called the location and asked if they were booked for that date. NOPE! Scam! I was impressed at the level of detail they are going to now.

Christine (08.10.10, 10:26 PM): This scam had been around for a long time. The same type of thing with different twists. I've been getting stuff like this for years when selling horses. My nephew actually fell for it when selling his dirt bike a couple years ago.

Boz (08.10.10, 12:57 PM): Thanks Michael, never had this one yet, but it's always good to have a heads up :D Thanks for the info on the 7D as well, feeling much more comfortable with the focusing now, put in a couple thousand shots now since Saturday. Looking forward to using it on this Saturday's wedding :D