Tracy (12.12.07, 11:38 AM): Truly makes me miss everyone...and took me back to cooking for the boys once a month, for the few months we did it. I miss ya'll!

Elizabeth (12.11.07, 10:28 AM): Thad's Mom cooked!?! Man, that would be worth a trip out to Alabama any day. She is an amazing cook. I have only had a few things that she has cooked, but they were fantastic. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun.

michael andrew (12.10.07, 10:38 PM): well...the reason is Sara stole it from I think David Mink on behalf of Doug....Doug had used his turn and Sara was being sweet. l

Caroline (12.10.07, 10:07 PM): Cute pictures! Sara and Doug look proud of that football!