Alex Rubio (08.06.10, 12:02 AM): Got it Michael, watched about a third of it tonight, REALLY nice, impressive as always.............! Thank You....!!!

Michael Andrew (08.04.10, 6:42 PM): Thanks for your support Dany- I really appreciate it! I am glad it got to you quickly.

Dany (08.04.10, 2:36 PM): Received the APT DVD just this morning - thanks everyone for the very fast delivery to Belgium! I'll now sit back and relax and watch the DVD for the very first time. Thanks again, Michael - this is yet another awesome MA production!

Brian (08.02.10, 1:02 PM): Got my APT DVD in the mail today, looking forward to watching it.

Dany (08.01.10, 2:42 PM): Thanks for the SkyCam pdf. I made a print of it and will definately give it a try. Eagerly waiting for the DVD to arrive. Cheers!

Diane (07.31.10, 10:21 PM): Got the SkyCam PDF and now I'm looking forward to getting the DVD this week!!! :-D

Michael Andrew (07.31.10, 3:40 PM): @ Harlan Thank you brother!

Michael Andrew (07.31.10, 3:38 PM): Downloads have been sent out- be sure to check your Spam or junk email folder if you do not have it within the next hour. If you still do not have it, please contact me directly. Thanks!

Harlan (07.31.10, 11:27 AM): Your the man. Getting over this virus and going to jump into your Photoshop DVD. Shipped really quick. Thanks again Michael. Looking foward to APT!