Michael Andrew (08.14.10, 2:19 PM): Thank you Michael! I appreciate it!

Michael Seawright (08.03.10, 5:46 AM): Recieved the new dvd yesterday and watched the whole thing throughout the day. Really good tips and comprehensive guide for someone like me who knows how to change settings but questions the "when and why". I really enjoy your work Michael, thanks for helping newbies like me from wasting hours of time digging through the internet!

Alex Rubio (08.01.10, 11:32 PM): Me too, can't wait to see it...!

Steve Bennett (07.31.10, 9:07 PM): Got my notice that is has shipped.... really looking forward to it, Michael

Rob (07.31.10, 11:07 AM): Im sure it will be great M. You never let us down!

Michael Andrew (07.31.10, 12:51 AM): I always get nervous for some reason when a new disk ships. I hope everything is ok with it!

chaos2k (07.31.10, 12:16 AM): Me too :) wonder if it will make it before I'm off for vacation. either way gonna be great

Rob (07.30.10, 11:30 PM): I just got conformation that it has been shipped!!!! Im excited!

chaos2k (07.30.10, 5:06 PM): fun shot M. glad to see you fninishing out the 365 project

jeremy lott (07.30.10, 6:34 AM): I have never wanted a weekend to go by so fast!!!

James (07.30.10, 5:49 AM): I like little birdies....

Amanda (07.30.10, 1:02 AM): That looks like so much fun!

Rob (07.29.10, 10:56 PM): Yes!!!!! Thank that little birdie for the bit of info! I can't wait to get it!