Michael Andrew (07.20.10, 1:11 PM): There were enough clues given in the movie that indicated whether the totem tipped over or not at the end- I would hate to ruin it for you here. ;)

Kelly Kardos (07.20.10, 8:27 AM): OSCAR worthy. You do a great job Michael at explaining the movie without a spoiler alert! The layers in this movie just took you deeper and deeper and I was totally involved and yes mentally exhausted when it was over. (i forgot they were even on a plane!)The special effects were mind blowing IMHO. Perfect cast for this.Yes..go see it!

Abraham Yang (07.20.10, 3:54 AM): So Michael... what do you think? Did it tip over or not at the end?

Luis (07.17.10, 12:13 PM): It worked!, thanks!, can't wait to receive the advance photography DVD!.

Michael Andrew (07.16.10, 9:55 PM): Luis- createt a directory called "Paintballer Pro" in the "USER"/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/User Presets directory. Add the Presets to this folder.

Luis (07.16.10, 7:30 PM): Michael I just upgraded to win 7 and lightroom 3 and I am not sure were to install the "Paintballer" presets anymore, can you help me with that?, thanks, Luis.