kelly Kardos (07.20.10, 8:31 AM): That's where I saw them...I love the look but maybe E-bay will have them for less than the $$ these puppies are going for at Best Buy!!

Dan (07.08.10, 11:52 PM): At 1:11 - $3300 worth of Dyson fans anybody?

Michael Andrew (07.07.10, 2:51 PM): Thanks for the great links guys! Posted!

kim (07.07.10, 2:24 PM): pretty cool, but yeah 300 not really worth it...i'll take my choppy air until this is brought down a little

Andre (07.07.10, 1:30 PM): Wow that is cool, check this out.

Mike Cruz (07.07.10, 6:38 AM): There is an explanation here on how it works: