Michael Andrew (12.08.07, 4:02 PM): Thank you Monet! I love DeeAnn and Ryan. I wonder did I meet you? Amy- I am so glad you like your pictures, I thought they were great! I would be happy to teach you and Oryan what I can about photography. (visit my online school: www.michaelthementor.com) which will have a major update shortly. Thanks again for a great shoot Dave and Jessi Ann!

Monet (12.08.07, 3:18 PM): Your work is beautiful. I was at Ryan Gunnells' wedding, and I have seen the photos. Amazing work!

Caroline (12.07.07, 9:29 PM): beautiful pictures and beautiful family

Tracy (12.07.07, 11:43 AM): or their faces.. :)

Tracy (12.07.07, 11:43 AM): I LOVE the picutres of the two kids looking up at you...such purity in there faces...

Maria (12.07.07, 11:24 AM): What a cute family! All the pics are great - but I love the toes. You can't go wrong with sweet, baby piggies :)

Clint (12.07.07, 7:34 AM): The sixth picture down is perfect.

Elizabeth (12.06.07, 11:27 PM): HOW CUTE!!! Oh my goodness, Colin is so big! It has only been how long? What wonderful family pictures.

Amy and fam (12.06.07, 8:36 PM): Just wanted to let you know that we got the disc of our shoot. Thanks again, so much . They are fabulous and we got alot of great pics. We'll be sending out a Christmas photo card for sure this year. Hope your trip was worth your time and we hope to have a chance to run into you again some time. Great to know you.