Michael Andrew (07.06.10, 4:52 PM): Very Soon. The DVD is completed, we are just testing it and looking for errors. Should be about a week before pre-orders are available.

Jas Sumal (07.06.10, 8:25 AM): Free coupon code for all pre-orders sounds great. When will you be taking pre-orders?

Michael Andrew (07.04.10, 2:08 AM): How about a free coupon code for all pre-orders? :)

Tom (07.02.10, 11:58 AM): Hi Michael, I have bought a few of your products also but not the sky cam. I guess I just figured I wouldn't use it much but I will buy your new DVD so I'd love to see it included as a bonus !!

Alex Rubio (07.01.10, 10:48 PM): Hey Michael, I think including the instructions would be a great idea, just increase the price of the video, none of us would mind paying for it.

Jas Sumal (07.01.10, 2:54 AM): I have purchased most of your products but not the Sky Cam instructions. Obviously, the exclusion of the sky cam instructions is not going to break the deal for most of us who intend to buy the DVD. However, as a conusmer I would like to see it included. However, If I had bought the instructions recently I may be a little miffed to see you iinclude it with the DVD for free. Therefore, question is how do you please all your loyal fans. Discount voucher idea sounds like a good solution.

Kelly Easter (06.30.10, 9:53 PM): Absolutely, I have looked at this several times and have never purchased it... I think the only thing you have made I havent bought!!

Lambton Middlesex Wedding Photography (06.29.10, 12:59 PM): Great idea Michael. I think you've got some good input here as well. My thought is, that if your training DVD is on the sky cam, than it would be very wise to include th additional info. It may renew interest in it, as well, but in addition make the video seem all the more valuable - to be able to build the sky cam with instruction and practice what is taught in the video...rather than simply figure it out anyway through watching the video. :-

Diane (06.29.10, 11:51 AM): I have to agree with Rob. As a consumer I'm shouting "YES" but when placing myself in your position I'm shouting "NAH". I like the idea of a coupon either with the DVD or in your newsletter? ;-)

mbonin83 (06.29.10, 5:45 AM): absolutely NOT Michael! We are going to get a wealth of information from your DVD for only $39. What would we pay at a photography school for what we will learn on your DVD? Several hundred if not several thousand dollars. At most, like Rob said, I would include a coupon; however, for no more than 10 or 15% off.

Rob (06.28.10, 10:55 PM): As a consumer, I would say, yes!!! If I were standing in your shoes, then, no. If it were me, I would look into the option of enclosing a coupon for like 50% off. Obviously, the thought of giving it away has already crossed your mind, so its not an issue of the money. If the viewers of the video at interested in how to build one, then I think with or without the discount, they are going to buy it anyway.