Patricia (02.14.14, 11:08 PM): Very cool. Thanks for the info. Patricia

teresa thornton (01.01.14, 6:21 PM): I haven't been on settings,but just got iphone4 and have hit something so that when I call my son,my face picture pops up(however I am) I want to get it off,but everytime I try,I end up sending him another one. Help,newbie with this. THE HORROR

mark (02.13.13, 10:11 PM): Hi Mike! Thanks for your heip It's nice to see good people out there

Darlene Gerber (12.27.12, 9:58 PM): i have done all of this and i keep gettting this message that i have to select a wi fi network and i keep selecting mine but it just won't go thru, I have a verizion MiFi box and was told by verizion that it should work, HELP! any sugestions??

Foma (09.08.12, 12:47 PM): I previously used a number to register FaceTime , I have changed the number , but I cannot get it verified Now my FaceTime is nOt working What do I do

herman (08.02.12, 5:37 PM): Thanks for the help and advice

mikayla (05.02.12, 2:43 AM): thanks so much, worked out perfectly

Monique (01.06.12, 5:23 PM): Hi Michael, Thanks for your useful blog, you are great! happy new year, Monique

angie (12.10.11, 10:33 PM): whew!! thank u so much!!

steve (10.08.11, 10:55 AM): Iit takes a photographer to know this

LeRoy Lees (08.12.11, 10:30 AM): Thanks so much for saving me so much time, illustrating how simple this is.

patricia kidd (08.04.11, 1:05 AM): Thank you. So simple! Now I'll check out you photo info! pk

Tim (08.02.11, 8:01 PM): To use FaceTime when you are not in a call you just go to your contacts screen. If you enabled FaceTime as in this blog then there will be a button there. No cell service is required, I've even used it without a SIM.

Camán (08.02.11, 6:56 AM): Couldn't get FaceTime working. Then I found your web page, followed you instructions and I was up and running in a blink of an eye. Thanks. :)

Robin (07.05.11, 6:06 PM): Thank you for the bonus tip on capturing a screen...worked the first time I tried..most awesome!!! ...and I found you by Googling "how to set up FaceTime on iPhone4." You have done some amazing things this past year and it is obvious you have made a huge difference in the lives of many! That's quite a beautiful legacy!! I look forward to continued visits to your blog! Thank you Michael!

Wayne (05.26.11, 2:04 PM): I'm in South America so I have my iPhone on airplane setting to avoid outrageous roaming charges. I do have wi-fi however. How can I use facetime without the phone being on? The facetime menu only seems available after I make a call. On my iPod Touch it is available directly since there is no phone. Please advise as I would like to use facetime with my son. Thanks!

Adil (05.15.11, 7:29 AM): I want to face time

Devante (02.27.11, 7:36 AM): best advice i have ever herd be for thanks

Dad (06.28.10, 1:04 PM): We were Kjersti - adding facial expressions to our phone conversation was a lot of fun.

Kjersti (06.28.10, 3:37 AM): How sweet you both have the same smile and look so happy to see each other.

Michael Andrew (06.27.10, 11:00 PM): @ Alex- You both have to have a WiFi Connection. I think you can call direct with the Facetime Button too, as long as you are both in WiFi Range. Looking forward to more of my friends getting it so I can talk with them. I only know of a few people, yourself included that have them

Alex Rubio (06.27.10, 10:56 PM): iPhone gadgets you might enjoy: Available in the US this coming September...

Alex Rubio (06.27.10, 10:33 PM): Very cool Michael... So let me get this strait, for Facetime, you place a call via regular phone service, if you are also connected on WiFi then you can activate Facetime. Hmmm I was under the impression it was via cell network... Thanks for the screenshot feature, I had no idea that existed, pretty good...