Sherry (06.27.10, 10:54 AM): I think both pictures are beautiful. Your model is stunning. I even like that her shirt is fading into the background. It gives the picture a wispy soft affect. The color of her jeans is striking against her skin tone. I think your too hard on these photos.

Jim (06.24.10, 1:32 PM): Thank you for posting these. I would agree with another here and suggest this topic for a future DVD. Lesson I learned here was use of post shot tools for correction. I would have cropped both images. A good day - new lesson learned. Thank you.

April (06.24.10, 10:58 AM): Image 1- is a little over exposed which makes shirt fade into the background and part of her face is a little out of focus. But, I still like it. I do not know if you can correct either, but I would not toss it. Image 2, again looks a little over exposed. Does she have a ponytail holder on her wrist? I do not like the pose... shot head on, her left leg looks out of proportion with her body and looks weird without her foot being visible, her watch is blown out. .. her whole left side is less sharp than her right side. I would scrap it. What a fun idea, great exercise!

I-wander (06.24.10, 10:03 AM): Great post Michael. I would like more. The only thing In noticed in picture two is cutting off her right toes.

Abraham Yang (06.24.10, 9:13 AM): Michael, excellent post, and YES! please have more of these, if possible! What I would like to see more of though, is how to photograph normal people. I'm tired of seeing how to photograph beautiful people with nice curves and nicely chiseled faces. My clients have big noses, big cheeks, big foreheads, and "plus-size", and my job is to minimize weaknesses and enhance strengths. It would be great to learn how to do that. Sooo, next DVD for you??? =) I'll pre-order it right now.

Shannon (06.24.10, 8:46 AM): I loved this post, I found it really helpful! Can you make a DVD of just examples like this? Just kidding, well not really…I would buy it! I saw this post yesterday but didn’t comment because I am a beginner ( that being an understatement) but I got quite the confidence boost when I saw that my answer was similar to yours( for pic #2) !!

Jules (06.24.10, 8:21 AM): These are quite helpful. Thank you! I enjoy understanding other photographer's thought process. Since I'm not so "techie," I am always trying to get a better shot and spend less time in front of the computer. This has helped see how quick changes can be on my images with good results. Keep up the good work.

Scott Roeben (06.24.10, 1:39 AM): Great item, and would love to see more along these lines!

M Johnson (06.24.10, 12:27 AM): The ear ring on number 2 is enough for me to say scrap the photo. If you had to attempt to fix it in photoshop because that was the best picture I'd stick to making aps. J/K

Alex Rubio (06.23.10, 11:17 PM): I believe that her left eye is slightly out of focus, don't think you can fix that...

Abraham Yang (06.23.10, 4:52 PM): #1: She looks like she is missing her left arm, like an amputee. Crop tighter to the face. #2: She looks like she is missing part of her left leg - another amputee shot. Crop tighter half-way through her left thigh which will crop half-way through her right shin, which is acceptable when cropping (no cropping at joints).

Brent (06.23.10, 3:10 PM): 1. The eyes aren't the focal point, the hair is and attention is drawn there. You could blur the hair more to help, but you can't really fix a lacking of focus. Also I'd have preferred to have her entire head and possibly the shoulder included. Not really fixable. 2. The composition leads to the lower left corner, making it an uncomfortable picture. Cropping her into center seemed to helped dramatically, filling the frame with her entirely. Fixable.

Derrick (06.23.10, 2:06 PM): Hi Michael, shooting at this angle shows that the person's head is much larger than her body. I would abandon it as I think the client would not find it pleasing at all.