Michael Andrew (06.28.10, 10:11 PM): Good Glass is always going to help no matter what you are shooting on. I think you will be ok with either camera.

M Johnson (06.21.10, 1:59 PM): I shoot a large variety. My biggest concern is sharpness and clarity in all my photos, but mostly portraits. I would much rather soften a photo in during post production then attempt to make it more crisp. Right now I'm shooting a XSI and am concerned if I went with the 7D i'm still going to need the L lenses just to be satisfied. Video is just an added bonous and not a huge concern right now for me.

Michael Andrew (06.21.10, 1:52 PM): @ M Johnson- What are you shooting primarily? If you are shooting Portraits, Video, or Landscapes, the 5Dii is better suited- If you are shooting sports, wildlife or anything far away - I think the 7D would be better. If you are on a tight budget- the 7D is very hard to beat for the price.

M Johnson (06.21.10, 1:13 PM): I've been debating paying the extra money and getting the 5D over the 7D. My biggest concern is I would probably end up going with the package 24-105 F/4 L until I made up the money for the difference between the two camera bodies. Is the full-frame capability with this lens and body going to make up for the versatility of the 7D packages with the EF-S 18-135 UD? My other option would be to go with the 7D package upgrade to the L lenses and eventually upgrade to the 5D body. Any suggestions?

Shannon Morgan (06.17.10, 2:01 PM): Thank M

Michael Andrew (06.16.10, 10:54 PM): @ Shannon- I think you are ok to go ahead and get it now- Canon isn't hinting at anything, and the next upgrade in line is really the 50D which is LONG over due. Worst case scenario we could see one at the end of this year, (which I doubt) and you could still sell yours on Ebay and recover most of you money.

Shannon Morgan (06.16.10, 10:32 PM): Hey M, good to see you :)! So I totally plan on getting the 5D, but would hate to get it and then a new version of the 5D come out soon after I up grade. Any guesses on when Canon will come out with new version of the 5D??

chaos2k (06.16.10, 7:53 PM): great info M. I watch house and the season final looked great. Can't wait to see what the 5d3 has when it comes out

planetMitch (06.16.10, 5:05 PM): Michael - the reason I think it is important to be very clear is that some people will watch your video when you say "the TV series 24, that is being shot on the 5D Mark II" and go away with the misunderstanding that the entire season was shot on the 5D2 when in fact, just a few scenes were even partially done with the 5D2. Yes, I agree the world of TV and movie production is changing a bunch. And as @JackVegas pointed out, the last episode of HOUSE was shot entirely (except for one scene) on the 5D2 and that is something landmark and has also helped change the landscape. So, yes, we agree the 5D2 and 7D are being used in some very high-end productions and that's incredible - I'm just anal about some of the information that gets out that isn't quite correct and like to make sure the facts are right. Sorry to be a pain, that's just the way I am. Again, I think your post is excellent and I'll point people in your direction who have the same question. Well done!

Michael Andrew (06.16.10, 4:47 PM): @planet Mitch- Nice website too!

Michael Andrew (06.16.10, 4:38 PM): @ Planet Mitch - I think we both agree that the 5Dii was indeed used in production of 24, and that was all I was pointing out- More and more high-end productions are using it as a serious tool. Thanks for your comment.

JackVegas (06.16.10, 4:29 PM): There is actually an episode of "House" (a recent one, donĀ“t know which one) which was shot completely(!) using the 5DMII.

planetMitch (06.16.10, 4:08 PM): Just FYI - The TV show 24 was NOT being shot on the 5D2 - it was shot on film for the final season. They did shoot some background stills and 'plates' (for backgrounds inside car interior scenes and for NYC backgrounds added in post production). But I know for a fact that they didn't use the 5D2 for the main parts of the show. And, just to be technical, the opening sequence for Saturday Night Live was shot on both the 5D2 and 7D. Overall tho - great information in this video! planetMitch http://blog.planet5d.com

Derrick (06.16.10, 4:03 PM): Excellent job Michael!