Jae (08.04.10, 7:14 PM): I am so humbled by your generosity of wanting to share your knowledge to help others grow in photograph and life skills... I had the 'pleasure' in meeting one of these 'certified masters' last night and man I would like to chop the legs off their pedestal and teach them some of your humility LOL. Thank you Michael you are a 'Master' in my, and Im sure many others eyes... Jae x

kelly Kardos (06.19.10, 6:03 AM): I usually don't have patience to read long blog articles...but this is an exception....great Q&A for everyone.

Rebecca (06.10.10, 6:26 PM): Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! I remember some of what you said in the workshops last year and reflect back on that frequently, but this was a nice refresher. Thank you!!

Michael Andrew (06.09.10, 6:22 PM): I'm so glad this has helped. If there are other types of these questions, feel free to ask and if I can I will answer here. @ Jim- I think its a great idea- I will be posting some of these soon.

Michael Roberts (06.09.10, 1:41 PM): Great perspective. You can think that have learned everything, but there is always something new. There is no such thing as complete knowledge.

christine (06.09.10, 8:07 AM): these points are so true, agree with James, true for just about any part of life that one is 'learning and growing'. It's so fun to look back on my own work from a month ago and compare. It's even so much better watching others develop and grow. Once a person starts finding 'their artistic place' then finding the confidence to take a stand and say this is my place regardless of what others want this is what I am. Once you understand the technical - then the artistic can flow free.... it's so liberating! Can't wait til I'm there so I can start pushing my artistic passion part. :) Thanks for all you do

James (06.09.10, 12:11 AM): Excellent points - interestingly enough you could apply to those anything. Just remove the word photography or images and replace with work, life, decisions, people....

mark Iuzzolino (06.08.10, 8:53 PM): Awesome exchange. Longest thing I read all day and it was worth it.

Jim (06.08.10, 11:11 AM): Very good Q&A. As I read, I had a thought go through my brain - Michael, as an advanced photographer, could you post a picture once a (day, week or month) of yours and critique? IMO, this would help others, such as myself, learn better technique, better understand how to look at our pictures and to better understand that we all have learned so little. a couple of years ago, I realized I was not the photographer I thought I was. I looked at each picture and thought it was absolutely perfect. By trying to advance my skills even further, I came to realize how little I know. Through websites like this (and many others) I have gained knowledge by understanding the principles of photography better. Thank you for sharing, thank you for having this site and most importantly, thank you for teaching.

Shannon Morgan (06.07.10, 7:44 PM): Awesome question B, and great reply M. Loved reading this!!

Steve Bennett (06.07.10, 7:17 PM): Excellent points...

Alstare Photography (06.07.10, 4:52 PM): Great post, helps me alot!

kim (06.07.10, 2:40 PM): I personally feel who are we to judge other's photographs. If they are good they are good. Every one has room for improvement but I believe it is all about your own personal wants and desires out of a picture. To me there's no one way of doing anything, you take something and make it your own.